Dalli Dalli

Dalli Dalli — that means you’re playing against the clock! It takes serious spontaneity and creativity to solve tricky problems in quick-fire guessing rounds. This timeless quiz and game show brings teams of two celebrities together in competitions full of laughter and suspense to be judged by a jury of three, plus extra points when the host asks the enthusiastic audience “Do you think that was … GREAT?” with his legendary top jump.

In this show, there are several funny action games like the legendary puzzle of pictures “Dalli click” and the duel of questions on the “Dalli musical scale.”

A relentless host, big stars at the quiz panels, a strict jury and the goal of winning points for a good cause are the factors behind the success of this popular format, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2021

150’ or 90’/60’

Quiz / Game Show

Celebrity, Games, Action, Fun, Teams, Suspense, Beat the Clock

24 seasons with more than 500 episodes

Produced by:
Riverside Entertainment

Format Elements

  • Celebrities

    Eight teams with two celebrities in each compete to win as many points as possible over the course of three rounds. Games include quiz questions and large-scale action games on a shiny floor. It’s all a bit crazy and funny. Imagine you would prepare a kid’s birthday and invite celebrities instead. At the end of the show the jury and the presenter traditionally add up the points scored. The points won by the teams are converted into Euros and a corresponding donation is made to a foundation.

  • Panel games

    The panel games are the heart of the show. They are played in every round. Each team is asked a simple question, but the clock is ticking fast and the jury is very strict. Or will the celebrities try to negotiate a bit to get more points? A touch of anarchy makes the format loud, crazy and very unique. While the celebrity teams are asked to remember word combinations, form word chains, name objects they don’t like that start with a D, there are also iconic special panel games like „Dalli click“ or the „Dalli musical scale“.

  • Action games

    The action games are always a highlight of this format. The celebrities slip into their costumes, take on a role and enjoy the playful action. The stage set and props transform the shiny floor into a crazy playground for the celebrities and they start to act like little kids. Each action game has a theme, such as: At the Baker’s, On the Sofa, Ski Race, Santa Claus Goes on Vacation, Unravel a Sweater – and there are only 90 seconds to solve a task.

  • Dalli click

    This game is a classic. It’s about recognizing simple objects. First, the photos are covered. The ten squares are revealed one by one. When a team thinks they have recognized the picture, they buzz. Did they win, or did they press the buzzer too quickly?

  • Dalli musical scale

    The musical scale is a very unique game that originated in the early days of the format. The host asks trivia questions without providing an answer to choose from. Both players have a buzzer that they press if they believe they know the answer. A musical note is activated for a correct answer on the scale.

  • Top jump

    Each audience member has a button in his or her hand. When a team has solved a task particularly well, the audience presses the button. A beep sounds, a flashing light comes on, and for the presenter this is the command to shout, „You think that…. THIS WAS GREAT?!“ and jumps into the air. The TV picture is frozen exactly at the highest point of the jump and the team is credited with an additional „Top Jump“ point – this is one of the most unique elements of the show and a reference to the 70ies.


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