Dear Vivi

Dear Vivi takes the number 1 television spot in Germany after its release, catapulting the series to a social media phenomenon thanks to its growing fanbase.

A riveting thriller, Dear Vivi is an emotional family drama and thriller mix that uncovers the mystery behind the shocking murder of a wife and mother, unearthing secrets that were better kept hidden.

Dear Vivi aired on ZDF January 9th to raving reviews and reached close to 17 million viewers; 14 million viewers have watched the series in the ZDF-Mediathek to date, making it the current most- watched show. The series has also gained record TikTok Followers and Fan Edits: over 23K followers and half a million likes within three weeks of its launch.

The seven-part series was aired on three consecutive nights during prime time where it garnered an average of 5.6 million views per episode, giving it a 20 percent market share.

ZDF led in ratings on all three evening broadcasts. It also performed well with younger audiences (14 – 49-year-olds), with an average of 0.72 million viewers and an 11.6 percent market share.

With an average of about 2 million viewers per episode and growing, Dear Vivi is the most-watched show in the ZDF-Mediathek.


  • Vivi Klettmann

    Julia Beautx
    Influencer with over 3.5 Mio. Followers and known for Spring Fever

    Vivi is the Klettmanns’ eldest daughter, a high school student leading the carefree life of a typical teenager. Until the tragic day that changes everything. From then on, she is on her own, with younger siblings to take care of. Vivi builds a connection with Tim, the police officer who was at the scene of her mother’s death. But she must ask herself whether she’s trusting the right person. Description liegt noch nicht vor.

  • Peter Klettmann

    Torben Liebrecht
    Known for Altered Carbon: Das Unsterblichkeitsprogramm 

    Peter became a lawyer even though he never really wanted to. He started a family with Anna and now lives the life of a happy, successful family man, at least on the outside.  Behind the facade lies a terrible secret from his youth that will soon catch up with him and lead to another horrific crime.

  • Tim Münziger

    Julius Nitschkoff 
    Known for Bulldog

    Tim, an inexperienced young police officer, is the first on the crime scene. In the course of the story, it turns out that he had connections to the murder victim, Anna Klettmann. Raised under difficult circumstances, Tim is now an obscure loner. Vivi Klettmann, the deceased’s daughter, begins a relationship with him in search of stability and security.

  • Peter Klettmann

    Damian Hardung
    Known for How to Sell Drugs Online

    Peter is a dreamer, an avid drummer who is about to graduate high school with no plans for the future. He despises his father, and rejects the idea of ever becoming like him, but fate leads him down a tragic path that will affect the lives of many.

  • Anna Klettmann

    Maria Simon
    Known for Good Bye Lenin!

    Anna is Peter’s wife and the mother of their children. She has always put Peter’s interests ahead of her own and never stopped loving him. When she learns about Peter’s secret from the past, her world collapses in front of her. Her reaction has momentous consequences.

  • Anna Klettmann

    Rieke Seja
    Known for Get Lucky

    Anna is Peter’s wife and the mother of their children. She has always put Peter’s interests ahead of her own and never stopped loving him. When she learns about Peter’s secret from the past, her world collapses in front of her. Her reaction has momentous consequences.

  • Hans Klettmann

    Ulrich Tukur
    Known for Tatort

    The patriarch of the family is a relentless tyrant and Peter Klettmann’s strict father. He is a successful lawyer but a total failure as a father and husband. He is incapable of receiving and giving love, and his behavior lays the groundwork for a great misfortune.

  • Heide Klettmann

    Karoline Eichhorn
    Known for Dark

    Peter’s mother Heide is a tender and loving woman who becomes lost in her grief after losing her youngest child, leading to her alienation from her husband Hans, and distance to her son Peter.



7 x 45′

ZDF Studios worldwide

Country of Origin & Shooting Location: 

Original Language:


Commissioning Broadcasters:


‚Dear Vivi‘ (original title ‚Gestern waren wir noch Kinder‘) has set new records in the ZDFmediathek, German broadcaster ZDF’s online media library. The seven episodes have so far reached almost 21 million views, or three million views per episode. This makes the program the most-viewed series in the ZDFmediathek to date and by far the most successful German streaming offer in the current year.

An average of 5.60 million people tuned in on TV, giving the series a market share of 20 percent and making it the prime time winner on all three broadcast days.

Production Company:
Seven Dogs Filmproduktion GmbH (Spring Fever, Balaton Residence)

Writer & Producer:
Natalie Scharf (Spring Fever, Balaton Residence)

Nina Wolfrum (Tatort, Milk & Honey)  

Nominated for the prestigious “Coup de Coeur” bestowed on MIPTV buyers‘ favorite new drama series, selected for writing quality, originality, production values and worldwide appeal.






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