The adventures of teenage dinosaur/madcap inventor DINOMITE and his wild and unruly human pet, LUCY in the sleepy but eccentric dinosaur town of Fernham.

Fernham is a flourishing, optimistic stone age city where modern dinos live in an amazingly functioning civilization. Everything is made from purely degradable materials and powered by saurusses of all sizes and shapes – in other words: the best place to be for a young and crazy inventor like DINOMITE and the little cave girl pet LUCY.

They might be completely opposite characters, but their strengths and weaknesses complement each other perfectly: where Dinomite is the nice, nerdy inventor type, Lucy is impulsive, loud and club- swinging. When Dinomite tries to solve smaller and bigger problems in the neighborhood Lucy tries her best to help – unfortunately that often causes additional trouble. Then there are all the other dinos and saurusses with their needs and problems so Dinomite always ends up juggling two or three tasks at the same time. In the end there is always a surprising solution to everything – but first we get right into the entertaining struggle of Dinomite’s and Lucy’s day to day life with complicated friendships, eccentric neighbors, wild physical saurus comedy, flesh eating plants, nerve wrecking furry creatures and tons of granite fun.

39 x 11′


Target Audience:
Kids 6–9



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    General information
    • Dino-Boy
    • 9 years old
    • passionate inventor

    Character traits
    • is incredibly helpful
    • and always happy to look for a solution
    • wants to make Fernham a better place
    • sometimes faces an impossible mountain of challenges, but never gives up
    • comes up with all kinds of ideas to help friends, family and neighbors
    (even less nice ones)
    • loves his pet Lucy (Stone Age girl) more than anything

  • LUCY

    General information
    • cavegirl
    • 4-5 years old
    • pet and best friend of Dinomite

    Character traits
    • is very lively, loud, wild and brave
    • has her own funny creative babble-talk language which is not understandable
    • communicates with body language and simply does her thing when nobody gets it
    • her ideas are often good
    • Dinomite is her best friend and her foster family
    • she wants to protect him and will face any threat
    • loves to play, with Dinomite or with her pet friends the dinosaurs (she’s the boss there)
    • is much smaller than all the others, but incredibly agile, fast and strong


    General information
    • Dino-Boy
    • 9 years old
    • friend of Dinomite

    Character traits
    • Is usually insecure and anxious
    • but still enthusiastic
    • Can get really hysterical
    • Loves Dino Dare comics and everything about his superhero
    • Has a pet dinosaur lady called Topsi, to whom he is very attached
    • is allergic to many things


    General information
    • Dino Lady
    • adult
    • eccentric arch enemy of Dinomite & Lucy

    Character traits
    • is very avaricious and greedy
    • and has a sharp eye for business
    • complains just about anything and is rarely happy
    • in her world everything has to be strict and straight
    • loves her huge collection of square rocks
    • and her pet Venus, an always hungry flesh-eating plant
    • with Venus she is kind and caring and sweet
    • but everyone else only knows her as nasty and mean
    • what she hates most is Lucy (in her eyes she is not a pet but a pest)


    General information
    • Old Dino
    • retired
    • friendly next-door neighbour of Dinomite

    Character traits
    • Sometimes a little forgetful and confused but very endearing
    • always with a wise saying at hand
    • has a great sense of humor and is full of joy
    • is still pretty fit and likes to do a little dance
    • makes a funny picture with his giant pet T.R.
    (a clumsy lady T.Rex)


    General information
    • Toad Lady
    • Adult
    • Radio voice of Fernham

    Character traits
    • Reall fast talking host
    • Pushes everything to the max and turns life in Fernham into a real event
    • has a view of the whole town from her radio station on the hill
    • where she sometimes hosts some interviews
    • loud, funny, cheeky and of course doesn’t mince her words


    General information
    • Adult Dino
    • wheelchair bound
    • guardian of the law in Fernham

    Character traits
    • overly-eager police officer
    • to do a really good job he constantly calls everyone to order
    • often loses control of events
    • and can`t handle stress or crisis very well
    • Dinomite and his friends solve those problems for him without letting him know

  • MESO

    General information
    • Adult Dino
    • gender unknown
    • Kiosk owner

    Character traits
    • Is a lazy dreamer and always chilled
    • etremely relaxed – some might say inert
    • takes life and work at the kiosk very easy
    • they know no stress or hurry
    • all Fernhamers love the kiosk and especially Meso`s coconut burgers
    • Meso loves to surf and sets off whenever a waves call


  • MOM & DAD

    General information
    • Adult Dinos
    • parents of Dinomite
    • owners of the fruit and vegetable store

    Character traits
    • are very nice and friendly, calm and balanced
    • they share the responsibility for the household and for raising Dinomite properly equally
    • most of their time they spend in their sustainable fruit and vegetable store
    • most of the produce they sell, they grow themselves directly in the backyard
    • they always mean well by their son… but they don’t really understand him or his inventions
    • sometimes they may regret getting Dinomite the wild Lucy as a pet, especially when she causes chaos in the store again
    but you never really see them angry or even hear them raise their voices


    General information
    • Unknown creature
    • unknown gender
    • unknown age

    Character traits
    • this furry little creature is one of evolution’s first attempts to create a mammal
    • puts on its own slapstick show every time it appears
    • Uninvited guest and pest, always hungry
    • greedily tries to gobble up everything edible and non-edible that crosses its path
    • but is usually chased away by Lucy before it gets its chance


Produced by:
Holger Weiss and Bjoern Magsig

Holger Weiss, Bjoern Magsig and Mark Mertens

Executive Producers:
Dominique Schuchmann, Oliver Huzly and Sandra Schießl

Sandra Schießl and Cherifa Bakhti

Worldwide Distribution by ZDF Studios and Toon2Tango

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