Since he was small, Grisù has never had any doubt: He wants to be a firefighter! His father Fumé doesn’t understand his son’s vocation: By definition, dragons breathe fire! So why can’t Grisù give up his crazy idea? Nevertheless every day, Grisù visits the Fire Chief to check if he has a job for him… But all positions are filled. However, he is given another role, and the small dragon puffs out his chest: “I’m always ready!”

With his best friend Stella, Grisù works as a shepherd, cook, florist, archaeologist or even as a sailor!

Grisù invests more in his job than anyone else by using his energy and ‘touch’, which always brings an unexpected twist.

But when the situation gets complicated, Grisù’s emotions can overwhelm him… and he can’t help releasing a flame, which makes things worse. In these moments of doubt, Grisù knows how to draw on his heroes’ spirit – ‘firefighters never give up’!

52 x 12′


Target Audience:
Preschool 3–6


Focus/ Themes/Tonality:
A comedy in which our little dragon pursues his dream of becoming a firefighter.


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  • Grisù

    Grisù is a young dragon who doesn’t want to accept his condition. Just because he is a dragon doesn’t mean that he has to act like one. Grisù only spits out fire unintentionally when he feels strong emotions!

    He dreams of becoming a firefighter, which is more than just a job for him – it’s a way of life. As a firefighter-to-be, he his entrusted with many missions. Grisù is creative, and his inventiveness can help him to find solutions by ignoring the original purposes of objects/machines and using them differently.

  • Stella

    Stella is Grisù’s best friend. She is Fire Chief David’s daughter.
    She witnesses the small dragon’s repeated failure to join the team of firefighters and is always there to reassure him that he will be a firefighter one day.

    She uses her social skills to persuade her father that Grisù can help the situation, even if he is a dragon! And off they go! She always joins him in accomplishing his missions. They can count on each other through thick and thin!

  • Fumé

    Fumé is Grisù’s father. In his opinion, the noblest activities a dragon can do is to breathe fire, fly and eat pizza! Even if he doesn’t want to be part of the fire brigade, he often follows Grisu on his missions as they could be a good opportunity to do some dragon training. Unfortunately, however, he sabotages Grisù’s missions unwittingly by doing dragon stuff when the situation requires fire-fighting abilities.

  • David

    He is an important figure in Dragonville: Mayor and Fire Chief all in in one!

    He is very proud to have Fumé and his son Grisù in his city and it was he who gave Fumé the task of guaranteeing hot water for the villagers. And although David is the fire chief, Fumé has a lot of respect for him. He is an honest man who would never take advantage of his position to discourage little Grisù, on the contrary he encourages him and gives him security every time he faces a new mission. David has a lot of faith in Grisù. He’s sure this little dragon will accomplish great things.

  • Stefan

    Stefan is a 25 year old firefighter. While a little swaggering, he is liked by everyone. Stefan also organisers a large number of activities and sporting events for children, and sometimes for the whole town.

  • Olivia

    Olivia, 20 years old, is a young  firefighter. She is especially dynamic, unlike her Golden Retriever Bidule, who loves … sleeping.

  • Sandro

    Sandro, 35 years old and first responder, is always very happy, but never forgets his serious and efficient side.

  • Maria

    Maria is the owner of the pizzeria which is located next to the shop. Grisù and his father go there every week to eat. This place means a lot to Fumé historically, as he knew all the previous generations of owners. Fumé loves this place and has a lot of respect for Maria, because for him, pizza is without a doubt the best thing that humans have ever invented!

    And therefore for Fumé, there is nothing like a good pizza to boost his son’s spirits…or to put the pieces back together with him.

  • Lukas

    Lukas, 7 years old, is a good friend, although a little cowardly. Even if he sometimes stops the group of friends in the middle of an activity, they are  always understanding. His parents own the small shop at the edge of the estate where he, Grisù and Stella live.

  • Marjorie

    Marjorie, also 7 years old, is a real bundle of energy. She always wants to know what adventure Grisù and Stella are going to embark on. She likes to fool around with her friends.


Produced by:
Mondo TV France, Mondo TV SpA, Toon2Tango

Sylvie Mahé and Matteo Corradi

Executive Producers:
Paolo Zecca – Mondo TV
Nicole Keeb – ZDF
Arne Lohmann – ZDF Studios
Sara Cabras – RAI Kids
Ulli Stoef and Jo Daris – Toon2Tango

André Bergs

Literary bible:
Marco Pagot and Gi Pagot

© 2022 MONDO TV France, MONDO TV SPA, Pagot, Calidra BV, Toon2Tango, ZDF Studios.
All rights reserved. With the participation of Rai Kids and ZDF

Based on an original serie Grisù il Draghetto created by Nino Pagot and Tony Pagot


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