Heirs of the Night

The Heirs of the night are bloodborn children of the once great vampire clans descending directly from Lord Dracula. These children, the Heirs, are born by vampire parents, not altogether different from how humans are born. They have eternal life, age slowly and they sustain themselves by drinking animal blood. Drinking human blood (also known as “Human Red”) has become very rare as the vampires have become more civilized over the past centuries.

Our story is set in 1889 and there are only five vampire clans left after centuries of clan-wars, each clan residing in a different country in Europe. Dracula gave each one of his clans a ruby and with this ruby came a specific power (e.g. mindreading / controlling the weather / talking to animals, etc.) that is only mastered by its clan. The never-ending clan-wars and the growing threat of vampire hunters like the Redmasks have forced the vampire clans to retreat into isolation in order to survive and to protect their Heirs. Now, however, they realise that they need to come out of hiding and together to unite their powers in order to survive.

And this is where our saga begins …


26 x 26‘

Coming of Age Drama, Mystery, Adventure, Fantasy

Target Audience:
Tween/Teen 10+

Available in more than 10 languages

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  • Lars af Dracas

    The male protagonist and son of Baron Magnus, leader of the Dracas clan. He has a roguish character that, together with his status as royalty, can make him come across a bit bratty, but deep down he has a good heart – a character trait that he tries to hide most of the time since his family motto ‘eternal strength’ forbids any admissions of weakness.

    He is trying to figure out his place in the world – with his mother dead, his relationship to his father is a complicated one, as his father wants him to be a man and Lars tries living up to his expectations. However, he still is only a teenager. When he meets Alisa, who is such a pure and warm hearted person, he experiences unknown feelings.

    When nobody is watching, Lars can be a different person, almost kind, and in the course of the series a light in him is lit and he begins to realize who he wants to be. He doesn’t yet know how to deal with his newfound feelings towards Alisa – he is very drawn to her, but pushes her away. He thinks he needs to appear cool and strong. Lars has to learn what makes a leader and who he really is without his father telling him who he wants him to be.

  • Alisa von Vamalia

    Our female protagonist and the carrier of the Spark. Alisa has a big heart – otherwise the Spark wouldn’t have chosen her – and her heart actually beats. So far, she lived most of her life on the inside and has only experienced adventures and stories through reading books. She has a very curious personality and an intrinsic need for freedom that can lead her into trouble – especially as she is inexperienced with the outside world. Alina’s parents are dead – the legend says that they walked into the sun together on purpose. So she and her brother Tammo are being brought up by their grandmother Dame Elina, who is a very old, quite strict and not very motherly lady.

    Hindrik, the Shadow of the Vamalia family is probably the only person Alisa can look up to and confide in.

    When she meets Nicu, a human boy, and gets to know Lars af Dracas better, she also starts experiencing new and very confusing emotions – especially since those two boys could not be more different. She is desperate to find out who she really is, to understand what is so special about her and how to become stronger. The Spark tries to guide her way but she is cautioned to hide this Spark and never to tell anyone about it.

    Throughout the series she learns about her powers as a vampire and how to be both physically and mentally strong – because, like any child that is in a group for the first time, she quickly learns that you can be lonely in a group and other children are not always as open or nice as one imagined.

  • Malcolm of Vyrad

    The oldest of the children in the school and heir to the Vyrad clan. He feels the pressure to do right but also he is just a boy and likes to bend the rules. So when he gets the chance he gets into trouble. He is a good friend to Lars and has a soft side when it comes to the little Heirs like Tammo and Joanne de Pyras. When Lars connects to Alisa and Ivy he feels left out and gets jealous. Unfortunately, his jealousy will get him and the other vampires on the ship into a lot of trouble.

  • Ivy of Lycana

    Ivy of Lycana is a young shadow vampire. She arrives on the ship late with a wolf that actually is her brother Seymour. Seymour is the last known real heir of the Lycana clan and the one who turned Ivy into a shadow as he was lonely and wanted a big sister. Shadows are not allowed to attend the lessons of the Heirs and if someone found out, Ivy could be sentenced to death because of her secret.

    She becomes close friends with Alisa and they do girls stuff together. When Alisa accidentally finds out that Ivy is a shadow vampire, she keeps the secret and tells no one – and the two girls become even closer.

  • Luciano de Nosferas

    Son of Conte Claudo and Contessa Viola; Italian, cute and always well dressed. He takes after his father and tries to make everybody happy, but he also has his mother’s sense of justice. He helps people who are in trouble and he will never say no to helping anyone. In the first season, because the Heirs are in Italy, his help is often needed, so he has trouble keeping up his spotless appearance because of the lack of sleep.

  • Lord Dracula

    The great ancestor of all bloodborn vampires. He is the main antagonist for our vampires and humanity itself. When Dracula wakes, he is weak and needs to feed. He wants his rubies back to regain his power and abilities and sends a shapeshifting vampire to steal them as he needs to become stronger before he can confront his more powerful children himself. However, Dracula’s ultimate goal in getting back all his rubies is to bring back his beloved Elisabetha and he will do ANYTHING to achieve this.

  • Joanne de Pyras

    Joanne de Pyras is Heir of the French vampire clan, the Pyras. She is very smart, likes to read books and learn. She quickly becomes friends with Tammo and Luciano: they look after each other and study together. Her clan’s power is talking to animals and she’s very good at this. For her, her rat Easy is more than a pet and she helps others on the ship with her clan’s power. Her mother is clanleader Madame Audrey.

  • Tammo von Vamalia

    Youngest living vampire of all clans. He really is a child who has not lived in the ‘real world’. He wants to have fun and misses his mother and father very much, although he doesn’t remember much about them. For him, Hindrik is the closest he has to a father figure and friend and gets him to tell him stories about his parents.


Based on the books:
Die Erben der Nacht by Ulrike Schweikert

Diederik van Rooijen & Maria von Heland

Diederik van Rooijen


Production companies:
Lemming Film, Hamster Film, Maze Pictures, Maipo Film and ZDF Enterprises

Fleur Winters, Leontine Petit for Lemming Film

ZDF Studios


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