Alisa von Vamalia

Our female protagonist and the carrier of the Spark. Alisa has a big heart – otherwise the Spark wouldn’t have chosen her – and her heart actually beats. So far, she lived most of her life on the inside and has only experienced adventures and stories through reading books. She has a very curious personality and an intrinsic need for freedom that can lead her into trouble – especially as she is inexperienced with the outside world. Alina’s parents are dead – the legend says that they walked into the sun together on purpose. So she and her brother Tammo are being brought up by their grandmother Dame Elina, who is a very old, quite strict and not very motherly lady.

Hindrik, the Shadow of the Vamalia family is probably the only person Alisa can look up to and confide in.

When she meets Nicu, a human boy, and gets to know Lars af Dracas better, she also starts experiencing new and very confusing emotions – especially since those two boys could not be more different. She is desperate to find out who she really is, to understand what is so special about her and how to become stronger. The Spark tries to guide her way but she is cautioned to hide this Spark and never to tell anyone about it.

Throughout the series she learns about her powers as a vampire and how to be both physically and mentally strong – because, like any child that is in a group for the first time, she quickly learns that you can be lonely in a group and other children are not always as open or nice as one imagined.