Lars af Dracas

The male protagonist and son of Baron Magnus, leader of the Dracas clan. He has a roguish character that, together with his status as royalty, can make him come across a bit bratty, but deep down he has a good heart – a character trait that he tries to hide most of the time since his family motto ‘eternal strength’ forbids any admissions of weakness.

He is trying to figure out his place in the world – with his mother dead, his relationship to his father is a complicated one, as his father wants him to be a man and Lars tries living up to his expectations. However, he still is only a teenager. When he meets Alisa, who is such a pure and warm hearted person, he experiences unknown feelings.

When nobody is watching, Lars can be a different person, almost kind, and in the course of the series a light in him is lit and he begins to realize who he wants to be. He doesn’t yet know how to deal with his newfound feelings towards Alisa – he is very drawn to her, but pushes her away. He thinks he needs to appear cool and strong. Lars has to learn what makes a leader and who he really is without his father telling him who he wants him to be.