Hoodie is a superhero story about a perfectly normal boy, with an exceptional talent for parkour and a passion for justice. He has secretly been practicing parkour with Soufian, the best tracer in Brussels. He has been doing so in secret, as his mother, a passionate police officer, would never approve it. One day when a woman is robbed near his house, Pieter hesitates only briefly. He pulls his hoodie over his head and chases the robber using his parkour skills. He skilfully jumps over walls, traversing gardens and roofs… without being recognized. And so the legend of „Hoodie – fighter of crime“ is created. When three neighbourhood kids, Flo, Basim and Kenza, discover Pieter’s talent and motivation, they join him to become an unexpected superhero crew: Team Hoodie. They are connected by one goal: to liberate the neighbourhood from injustice.

In season 2, Pieter and his three friends join together to free Vrijbeek from a hit-and-run vandal. Pieter locates his arch-rival Soufian and brings him back to Brussels, to train Hoodie back to superhero fitness. But Soufian’s arrival threatens to break up Pieter’s team.

In the 3rd season Pieter’s mother discovers his secret, but he decides to bring her into the team to free Vrijbeek, together with his friends, from a fake Hoodie who steals rather than protects.


Season 1: 52 x 11‘
Season 2: 52 x 11‘
Season 3: 52 x 11‘

Junior / Live Action

Target Audience:
Tween/Teen 10+

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  • Pieter De Jonge

    Pieter seems like an average, inconspicuous boy of few words, who moves shyly around the neighbourhood without making friends. But behind this mysterious image, there is a real parkour hero. A silent rebel who fights for justice, but at the same time struggles to talk about his feelings and deal with his grief.

    Pieter looks up to his great role model Soufian, who helped him with parkour to take on the obstacles in his life. But Soufian can never be part of his real life, because his parents are against parkour. But that doesn’t stop him from fighting for a peaceful neighbourhood. Because Hoodie is his calling.

    With his talent for parkour, he can do what adults and the police cannot do. So he’s secretly going to help his overworked mother to re-establish peace in the neighbourhood.




  • FLO Muller

    Girl next door Flo is spontaneous, enthusiastic, versatile and absent-minded. She is an articulate blabbermouth who is enthusiastic about everything that attracts her interest. As a real go-getter, she does not shy away from anything. She is stubborn, has a tidal wave of ideas, but secretly she can be quite insecure.

    She stands up for herself and for others as well – even if they don’t want her to do that for them. As a natural leader, she effortlessly inspires others. Her bestie Basim, a loyal sidekick who says yes to every wild project Flo comes up with, is always first in line.

    When she discovers that her neighbour Pieter is secretly leading a parkour life and can thus “catch” criminals, she happily turns him into her new project. Together with Basim, she tries to rename Pieter as the superhero of Vrijbeek.

  • BASIM El Amrani

    Basim is the group’s clown. He lives in a childish world of superheroes, comic books, rap idols and YouTube pranks. He cannot resist joking and fooling around and is therefore often in trouble.

    Basim hides behind humour, because in reality he is insecure. He only dares to show his feelings in his beautiful rap experiments and drawings, which he finds worthless. That is why his best friend Flo is an ideal leader who gives him a little push now and then.

    Basim sees Hoodie as his biggest prank, which his cousin Kenza unfortunately also participates in. But he finds that Hoodie is more important than just an exciting experience. With his creativity, superhero knowledge and technical skills, he makes Hoodie a real superhero.


    Dorien is a strong woman who, as a police officer, finds it important to be friendly and to smile at poeple when speaking to them. But she can quickly switch to become firm and strict if she feels that some-thing is not right. She judges what is right and wrong, and wants to protect her neighbourhood – which is deteriorating – at all costs. But she does not have an easy time as a single working mother and feels guilty towards her son Pieter that she has to work so often.

    She hates parkour, and is unhappy about the emergence of Hoodie. She had feared that sooner or later the residents would take matters into their own hands, with dangerous consequences. Dorien is worried that Hoodie will do more damage than good,
    so she is trying to expose him before any casualties happen.

  • Soufian Alaoui

    Soufian grew up in a small flat in a deprived neighbourhood. Parkour was necessary to escape from his unhealthy family situation. His neighbourhood square became his living room and parkour his passion. He never learned that good pays off and bad is punished, because in his grim neighbourhood he saw only the opposite.

    With his endearing charisma, he protects those he cares about, but sometimes he knows no boundaries. As a result, he can be a big brother but also a cunning manipulator at the same time. As Pieter’s parkour mentor, he has taught him everything he can do and they have become real friends.

    Deep down, Soufian is lonely and sometimes his tough life really hurts. He hides the fact that he cannot do without Pieter, because he keeps him on the right path. But when Soufian comes under pressure, things quickly go wrong.

  • KENZA Benal

    Kenza seems like an introverted girl who is always aloof, but she is quite independent. Sharp-eyed, she sees details that others miss.

    She masters a multitude of dialects. Kenza plays football and lives a healthy life. Despite her knowledge and critical mind, she is socially insecure. As a good daughter, she mainly knows the world from books, so she still has a lot to learn about real life.

    Kenza hates her cousin Basim, who, as her polar opposite, manages to turn every conversation between them into bickering. Her main reason for joining team Hoodie is to keep an eye on Basim, but she soon discovers that she is a valuable member of the team and that they can have an impact on society as youngsters.


Nine Cornelissen, Koen Tambuyzer

Senne Dehandschutter, Olympia Allaert (Season 1-3)
& Anthony Nti (Season 1&3)

Nico Van de Velde, Bo De Group (Seasons 1-3)
Ilse Polenus (Season 1) & Joke Sieben (Season 2&3)

Production company:
Hotel Hungaria

Commissioning broadcaster: 
Ketnet (VRT)

Senne Dehandschutter, Olympia Allaert, Anthony Nti

Distributed by: 
ZDF Studios


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