INUI - She puts the ice in nice.

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INUI is a series about playing in the snow with your friends. Inui, a little Inuit girl, lives somewhere in the Arctic Circle and for her there is plenty of snow because the temperature rarely gets above freezing.

She's made herself an igloo for her and her friends to play in and she sets out every day to play the sort of games you could only play in the snow and ice. Inui loves the snow and knows how to keep warm and have fun in the coldest temperatures. Her friends are just as adapted to the cold as she is. Crackpot the Caribou, Grouchy the Polar Bear and Lady Penguin are as at home as Inui in the snowy wastes of the far North.


zdfe junior Format: 52 x 7'
Target group: Preschool / 3 - 6 years
Genre: Junior / Animation

Created by: Eugene and Louise
Produced by: JEP-Animation and
Les Films de la Perrine in association
with ZDF and ZDF Enterprises
Producer: Jürgen Egenolf
Coproducer: Dominique Boischot
Line Producer: Dorothea Mersmann
Written by: Robin Lyons, Andrew Offiler,
Maria Chiara Oltolini
Commissioning Editor ZDF:
Jörg von den Steinen
Executive Producer ZDF Enterprises:
Arne Lohmann
Directed by: Dietmar Kremer, Jürgen Egenolf
Distributed by: ZDF Studios

© 2016 JEP-Animation, LFDP, ZDF,
ZDF Studios


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