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Being identical twin sisters is an asset for 12–year–old detectives Lexi and Lottie, especially when it comes to cracking crimes in their home town of Appleton and its Animal Park. For everyone knows two heads are better than one! Add a little twin telepathy to the mix, a pet mouse with a nose for clues, and their smart comic journalist friend Fred… and you have a dynamic crime solving combination that leaves local crims scratching their heads… how can these kids out–smart them?

Lexi, Lottie, Fred and Mozart the mouse leave no stone unturned when it comes to solving crimes … such as missing persons, animal theft, art fraud, diamond heists, animal poaching, sabotage and much much more.



26 x 24’




Junior / Animation

Produced by:


Telegael, Ten, SRTL


SLR Productions 2017

Distributed by:

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Lexi & Lottie

LOTTIE, on the other hand, is practical, down to earth and old-school in both her personality and her detective work. But when this determined young lady has her evidence in place, there is no detective more hard-nosed or logical.

Her sisters slap-dash methods worry her, and even though she knows that Lexi’s harebrained schemes can bring results, she’ll remain in doubt until every single piece of evidence is in place.

Lottie hates being described as ‘too serious’, because there’s nobody who laughs harder at Fred’s one-liners than Lottie, who has been known to snort when she giggles and even spray food. Ew!

LEXI is a people person… popular, fashionable, bubbly, friendly and fun. Some would say ‘OTT’. She gets strong hunches about suspects and she’s often heard to say ‘Hunch alert. Let’s go’ and is running off to swoop on a suspect before there’s any evidence at all.

Lexi has been known to accuse a student in a hoodie of being a missing chimpanzee… and arrest suspects, forgetting that she’s not actually the Police. While Lexi is slap-dash and not always as clever as she might think, she’s quick to admit when she’s wrong. Then she’s onto the next plan, which might just be combing through the evidence with Lottie… but not if she can avoid it.


A budding journalist and key member of the detective team, FRED works on the school newspaper so is always up on local Appleton news. He uses the paper to run stories that ‘smoke out’ nervous criminals and set up elaborate stings. Whilst it’s a detective’s job to find the truth, it’s a journalists job to report the truth.


MOZART the mouse is their secret weapon when it comes to fighting crime. Small enough to go undetected, brave beyond his size and clever enough to retrieve a vital piece of evidence, Mozart is an important member of the team.

He is Lexi’s pet mouse and goes most places with her, even if uninvited! Mozart doesn’t talk but he does understand a lot, and is as detective-minded as the girls. He’s a great spy and sniffs out clues, especially the edible kind. In fact, he’s been known to eat evidence rather than deliver it.


Lexi and Lottie love their Grandpa lots. That’s because he’s helped bring them up since they were little. With their parents busy running the Animal Park, the girls have spent many an afternoon with Grandpa. He’s fun and wise and is always interested in the latest crime they are busy cracking.

Mum & Dad

Lexi & Lottie’s Mum and Dad met on safari, they both love animals. They set up the AnimalPark in Appleton together, their passion is to protect and rehabilitate their animals.

They both work incredibly hard and are often busy. As a vet, Mum is great at caring for sick animals and baby animals, while Dad, a zoologist, does most of the heavy lifting like preparing the new elephant enclosure.


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