• Caroline Timmers

    Caro is an only child. At first sight, you’d describe her as nothing special, just another face in the crowd. She feels best in comfortable clothing and prefers to be inconspicuous. But Caro is a girl who has her heart in the right place. Thanks to her warm and loving upbringing, she has been instilled with the precious norms and values that make her an honest and sweet young lady.

    Because of her home situation, Caro is rather withdrawn. She doesn’t easily connect with others,  but together with her new best friend Yemi, she tries to see the positive in everything… unfortunately, some people take advantage of that. Caro is the type of girl who will quickly win the hearts of the viewers.

  • Family Timmers

    Kristel Timmers

    Kristel Timmers is Caroline’s mother. Despite her terrible suffering, she never loses her exceptional optimism. Although we see her decline becoming increasingly obvious, she always tries to mask the severity of her illness. She nevertheless tries to face up to the facts, without glossing them over, and has a rational and realistic view of her prognosis.

    Peter Timmers

    Peter Timmers – Caroline’s father – is a man with a heart of gold. Peter’s love of nature inspired him, his wife Kristel and their daughter Caro to move to the countryside. For Peter, his dreams had come true: he had a wife he loved dearly, a daughter who was the apple of his eye, his dream job and the most picturesque house in the area – a perfect life… Until fate struck and Peter’s wife Kristel was diagnosed with cancer. Out of love for his family, Peter sets aside everything else and devotes himself to getting Kristel the very best treatment. Peter says goodbye to his life in the ountryside and he, Kristel and Caro move in with his mother-in-law.

    Valentine Jacobs

    Valentine Jacobs, aka ‘Titin’, is Caroline’s grandmother. Titin is a tower of strength for Caro and her family. She does everything she can to make her home a warm and welcoming nest for them and give the Timmers family the cosy security they so desperately need in these trying days. Despite her age, she is a woman who knows what she wants and doesn’t shy away from sensitive topics. All of these qualities make her a grandmother anyone would wish for.

  • Vince

    Prillan, Mathilda, Fia, Doris, Majros, Soffi-Moffi, Henrietta, Stina-Fina and Henni are the nine hens at Pettson’s farm. They have a wide range of funny characters: some are a little posh, some a little clumsy and others just plain dumb. The only female creatures on the farm, they are rather demanding and want to be treated like princesses. Their favourite leisure activity is chattering incessantly at their beloved coffee parties. Their constant nagging gives the stories punchlines.

    In Seasons 3+4, the stories focus more on the nine hens!

  • Camille

    The Mucklas are small creatures who live in hiding places in Pettson and Findus’ house and dispose of all kinds of items. There are six of them in total, and they’re all different. They’re always close to Pettson and Findus, usually engaged in their own chaotic activities and ready to laugh maliciously when mishaps happen to Pettson or Findus. They’re constantly watching, thinking, trying to help out or simply imitating activities around them. The Mucklas are only visible to Findus and no one else. They are his imaginary friends.

  • Yemi

    He is Pettson’s neighbour who lives at the farm next door. Gustavsson feels constant rivalry between him and Pettson. But the feeling is not mutual, because Pettson is unaware of any competition between them. Gustavsson loves talking about Pettson’s latest quirks in the village. They are like brothers or best friends who can’t do with or without each other. And when things get tough, they always stand together and help each other. He loves hunting and fishing, but is very scared of the fox living in the nearby forest. Gustavsson has a wife, Elsa, and two children. His dog Harpo is also very important to him. Harpo is a hunting dog, but he has a gentle soul and is therefore open to friendship, even with Findus.

  • Kyona

    One of Pettson’s friends is Beda, an old lady who lives nearby and sometimes shows up at the farm. A little grumpy, Beda is a female Gustavsson and always wears her heart on her sleeve. Pettson calls her by her first name, suggesting that there might be a closer relationship between them.

  • Maria

    Maria Hernandez is a strong, free-spirited and confident girl, who always stands up for injustice. She has a big mouth, but also the heart in the right place. She may have a plus size, but that doesn’t bother her. Her motto is “rather a size more than a lasagna less”! Love and friendship are priorities in Maria’s life. She attaches so much importance to them that she can become jealous and possessive in her darkest days.

    Maria comes from a lower educated family and contributes to her family by working for her pocket money herself. She realizes like no other adolescent that if you want something, you have to work hard for it and nothing comes naturally.

  • Scott

    Scott Klijnen is the school’s lone wolf. He does not like hassle and has a very short fuse. Scott’s parents have little affinity with their son. He doesn’t have a warm family circle. He does not know love and friendship. It’s something he sees and experiences for the first time at school … with Vince.

    They used to be best friends. Until Scott had a relationship with Camille and she ended up starting something with Vince. Scott was not so much concerned with the relationship between Camille and Vince, but with the lies that Vince told him to keep his relationship with Camille a secret. Scott’s confidence has been damaged and their friendship has never been the same since.

  • Emma

    Emma Wolfs (17) is the niece of school principal Karel Wolfs. She is a new pupil at the school but she soon finds herself in the spotlight due to her rebellious behaviour. She has no regard for hierarchy and rules and as a result has been expelled from various schools in recent years.

    As a final resort, her parents have moved to Antwerp with Emma so that she can go to Uncle Karel’s school. They hope that their hot-headed daughter can get through her last school years without too many problems. She is Uncle Karel’s favourite niece and she uses this to her advantage. So Emma starts the new school year with the right attitude, but when Karel chooses a friend for her (Caro) to keep her on the straight and narrow, her stubborn and rebellious nature quickly emerges. She won’t be able to change her uncle, but she might be able to entice that goody-goody Caro to „the dark side.“

  • Olivier Dubois

    Vince Dubois’s dad – is probably one of the coolest fathers any 16-year-old boy could imagine. At least, that’s what the average adolescent would think of a father who is known throughout the world as a former top footballer and who has recently been appointed coach of the national team, a man who lives in a gigantic villa and – according to the daily newspapers – enjoys the most glamorous of lifestyles. But as is so often the case, the behind-the-scenes reality is somewhat less than perfect.

  • Philippe Meeusen

    Vince’s second father – can best be described as a real drama queen. Philippe is a real bon vivant. Because of his melodramatics he often provides the necessary dash of humour in the household. Philippe does his very best to raise Vince as if he were his own son. As Vince is regularly up to something or other, this is seldom an easy task.

  • Pieter Botty

    Pieter Botty – who is quickly nicknamed ‘Pieter Hottie‘ by a few of the girls – is the latest addition to the teaching staff. This highly-motivated young teacher is like a fresh wind blowing through the school corridors. As a rookie among the teachers, he is more accessible to the pupils, younger and easier to relate to. This also has a downside: due to the relatively small age difference between them, the pupil-teacher boundaries are not always as clear cut as they would otherwise be.

    Pieter and his pupil Caro share a love of literature. Thanks to a succession of misunderstandings, Caro even suspects at a certain point that Mr Hottie might be her secret admirer Ruben.

  • Karel

    Karel is the school’s warm-hearted, firm but fair headmaster. As a teacher, he is old-school, but he most definitely has his heart in the right place. He is a man of vision who wants all the youngsters under his wings to develop their potential and become the best young adults they can be. But Karel does have one fault: he enjoys being in the spotlight. He is therefore very happy that Vince – the son of one of Belgium’s top former footballers, who is now the new coach of the national team – is one of his school’s pupils.

  • Lucia

    As the school’s music teacher, Lucia coaches the musical projects the school intends to present to the public. For the first edition of their (hopefully) Annual School Show, she soon finds a partner in crime in Mr Botty.

Facts and Figures


Broadcast by:
Ketnet (VRT)

Production company:
Fabric Magic

Thomas Van Goethem, Bart Van Oost (Season 1)
Thomas Van Goethem (Seasons 2 and 3)

Elias Mentzel (Seasons 1 and 2)
Matthias Temmermans, Mathias Brouns (Season 3)

Fabric Magic

Thomas Van Goethem, Mieke Verbelen & Mathias Claeys (Season 1)
Thomas Van Goethem, Joyce Beullens, Tom Vermeyen (Seasons 2 and 3)

Distributed by:
ZDF Studios GmbH



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