Emma Wolfs (17) is the niece of school principal Karel Wolfs. She is a new pupil at the school but she soon finds herself in the spotlight due to her rebellious behaviour. She has no regard for hierarchy and rules and as a result has been expelled from various schools in recent years.

As a final resort, her parents have moved to Antwerp with Emma so that she can go to Uncle Karel’s school. They hope that their hot-headed daughter can get through her last school years without too many problems. She is Uncle Karel’s favourite niece and she uses this to her advantage. So Emma starts the new school year with the right attitude, but when Karel chooses a friend for her (Caro) to keep her on the straight and narrow, her stubborn and rebellious nature quickly emerges. She won’t be able to change her uncle, but she might be able to entice that goody-goody Caro to „the dark side.“