Family Timmers

Kristel Timmers

Kristel Timmers is Caroline’s mother. Despite her terrible suffering, she never loses her exceptional optimism. Although we see her decline becoming increasingly obvious, she always tries to mask the severity of her illness. She nevertheless tries to face up to the facts, without glossing them over, and has a rational and realistic view of her prognosis.

Peter Timmers

Peter Timmers – Caroline’s father – is a man with a heart of gold. Peter’s love of nature inspired him, his wife Kristel and their daughter Caro to move to the countryside. For Peter, his dreams had come true: he had a wife he loved dearly, a daughter who was the apple of his eye, his dream job and the most picturesque house in the area – a perfect life… Until fate struck and Peter’s wife Kristel was diagnosed with cancer. Out of love for his family, Peter sets aside everything else and devotes himself to getting Kristel the very best treatment. Peter says goodbye to his life in the ountryside and he, Kristel and Caro move in with his mother-in-law.

Valentine Jacobs

Valentine Jacobs, aka ‘DeeDee’, is Caroline’s grandmother. DeeDee is a tower of strength for Caro and her family. She does everything she can to make her home a warm and welcoming nest for them and give the Timmers family the cosy security they so desperately need in these trying days. Despite her age, she is a woman who knows what she wants and doesn’t shy away from sensitive topics. All of these qualities make her a grandmother anyone would wish for.