Maari – Adventures at the Reef

Maari the squid has two very best friends: Tuts, a turtle, and Fin, a crab. Wherever there are problems in the Blue Bay Reef, the three of them are there, together with the little plankton Spotti. They are up for every adventure and don’t shy away from sharks or sea monsters. And when dangerous human garbage continues to pollute the reef, the three find a way to get rid of it. Together they are unstoppable. Tentacle, flipper and pincer too – the best team in the ocean blue.

Maari – Adventures at the Reef is a 3D animated series with 20 seven-minute episodes. The series is intended for preschool children (3 to 6 years).The squid Maari and her friends Tuts, a turtle, and Fin, a crab, are the focus of the series. Together they have adventures in the Blue Bay Reef. Diversity and environmental protection are core themes of the series.

20 x 7′


Target Audience:
Preschool 3 – 6

Funny, exciting, adventurous



    Hello! I’m Maari. I live here at Blue Bay Reef with my mum, dad and little brother. Oh! And you know what, I have 8 arms! They are super handy and always help me out when I’m in a tight spot. I also love adventures, especially when I’m with my friends Tuts and Fin. And of course with Spotti! If there’s ever a problem, we always work it out together. We see each other every day and play together…  on the fin-ball court, in the coral den or at preschool. There is so much to discover at the reef!

  • TUTS

    Hello, I’m Tuts. I’m a turtle and want to be a marine explorer when I grow up! I love it when I’m out and about with my friends Fin and Maari. There is so much to discover in the sea! And we definitely know the best games! Fin ball and „I spy with my little eye“, for example.  And now and then we spend the night in our coral den and tell each other scary stories! Sometimes we squabble. But we always end up making up. We are the best team on the seas!

  • FIN

    Hi, I’m Fin. I am a fiddler crab with one big and one small claw. They’re great for cutting things. Maar and Tuts are my very best friends. And I’m just as brave as they are. Well, almost. I’m just a little bit more cautious. But that’s okay. The three of us together are really strong. We experience the most amazing adventures and always have fun.


    Hello, I’m Buba, the coolest pufferfish you know, and this is my partner in crime, Keck, the sea cucumber. We’re the two sea buddies who are always up to no good! Despite being a bit older than Maari, Tuts, and Fin, we love playing sneaky tricks and causing a splash of chaos wherever we go. You can count on us to bring some trouble!


    Hi, I’m Spotti! I’m a teeny, tiny plankton who lives in Maari’s garden. Maari is one of my best friends so wherever she goes, I’m right there with her. I have my very own special language that only Maari, Fin, and Tuts can understand. When they go on adventures  I make sure they stay safe. Oh, and guess what? My funny tricks always make everyone smile and we have the best time ever on our underwater adventures!


    Hello, I’m Trida, the old clam at Blue Bay Reef! I have my very own candy shop inside my cozy clam shell, and it’s filled with yummy sweets made from beautiful coral. They’re the tastiest treats in the whole ocean! But, um, here’s the thing about me: I´m a bit forgetful and my eyesight isn’t as sharp as it used to be. I guess you could say I’m a little scatterbrain clam, (but don’t worry, I’m still full of fun and love sharing smiles with everyone who visits my shop).



Juliette Alfonsi, Jessica Hüttig

Executive Producers:
Head of production KiKA –  Ansgar Heldt
Editorial KiKA – Silvia Keil, Peter Morgenstern und Matthias Franzmann

Produced by:
A Production of bigchild on behalf of KiKA

© KiKA / ARD & ZDF 2022


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