Mimo and Leva – Back to the Bronze Age

As the children of the village chief and the keeper of the famous sky disc, the paths of MIMO and LEVA are predetermined: He becomes chief and bears responsibility for the village, she always remains quiet and well-behaved… Ha! The two of them have completely different plans!

With Leva’s bravery and enthusiasm for bronze casting, she wants to become chief herself! And Mimo prefers to think up visions on how he can make life easier for all the villagers. And they are not the only children in the village: there is BROCK, who as the village bully has more muscles than brains. And KULA, who both Mimo and Brock have a crush on. Young JADO prefers to hide behind Leva… and their best friend? Is a GOAT!

The adults of the village find these shenanigans rather strange, but at the end of the day, together they endure exciting adventures, overcome outdated traditions, and forge their own futures!

26 Episodes x 7 Minutes


Target Audience:
Kids 6–9

2D Cut-out Animation

Key Words:
Comedy, Adventure, Friendship, History, Bronze Age, Education

Focus/ Themes/Tonality:
The series is about friendship, relationships, respect, and life in the Bronze Age. Following the two children of the village chief the show portraits how villagers in that time used to live, and how their life and traditions were shaped by the beliefs surrounding the Nebra sky disc. The historic topics are transmitted in entertaining and funny ways, with the odd reference to modern life thrown into the mix.


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  • Mimo

    Mimo is the 12-year-old son of village chief Ago and his wife Bruna. He is set to become the next leader of the village, but he would rather spend his days working on new inventions. His ideas are way ahead of the time. Although most of them turn out to be a bit of a mess, his heart is in the right place and he always tries to make life better for the entire village.

  • Leva

    Leva is Mimo’s 9-year-old sister. As the daughter of Ago and Bruna, she is expected to become a well-behaved lady, but she is a bit of a hothead. Brave and passionate about bronze casting, she challenges the traditions and forges her own future. Although there is some typical rivalry between the siblings, she and Mimo always have each other’s back when the going gets tough.

  • Ago

    Ago is the village chief and keeper of the famous sky disk. As a talented bronze smith, his job is to take care of the disk and protect it from robbers and other dangers. As the village chief he is also responsible for the well-being of the villagers. He has high expectations for both of his children, but often learns a thing or two from them, as well.

  • Bruna

    Bruna is Ago’s wife and the mother of Mimo and Leva. She is a kind and noble woman who married Ago out of love, even though her family is of higher rank. She is undoubtedly the heart of the family. Though she loves her children dearly she is very keen on holding up traditions, but in the end she will always put the well-being of her children first.

  • Goat

    The goat is Mimo and Leva’s best friend. She may be a farm animal in theory, but she is much more like a pet to the chief family, much like a dog would be. A bit of a troublemaker herself she always sticks around with Mimo and Leva, accompanying them on their adventures and helping them out of some tricky situations.

  • Brock

    Brock is one of the children and the village bully. He has more muscles than brains and always challenges Mimo to see who the “real man” of the village is. He has a crush on Kula and picks on the younger children. His only weakness is his height, and his favourite past time is chopping wood.


Produced by:
Mideu Films GmbH

Production Manager:
Denise Schubert

Line Producer:
Markus Kark

Executive Producer:
Grit Wißkirchen

Marcel “Momper” Schröder

© Mideu Films, KiKA, MDR, HR, BR, SWR, WDR 2022



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