• a classroom full of fun -
    every child is a winner
  • great family entertainment
    based on the popular books
  • an imaginative and
    fun way of teaching
  • positive, light-hearted,
    creative and open-minded
  • encourages team spirit
    and uses universal humour

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    • General Synopsis

      Mister Twister is a family entertainment program based on the adventures of the highly likeable Mister Twister, found in the series of popular children books that inspire and entertain audiences worldwide. The feel good program is directed at children aged between eight and twelve, but is a pleasure for the whole family. Mister Twister is positive, light-hearted, creative, openminded, encourages team spirit and uses universal humour.

      The main character is Casey Brown, a substitute teacher who is still learning the ropes and goes by the nickname Mister Twister. Lacking the experience to teach and guide a class of kids, every new situation brings with it a new challenge. While he seems a bit shy at first, he always finds a creative way to live up to his responsibilities. His class loves his imaginative and fun way of teaching. But Mrs Dreus, the stern principal who seems to have an obsession with rules and regulations, does not. She’s constantly got her eye keenly fixed on Mister Twister, so he and the kids must find ways to work around her. Thankfully, whenever Mister Twister’s special way of dealing with things gets him in trouble with Mrs Dreus, the kids of class 6b always help him to save the day…

      The stories always focus on Mister Twister (aka Casey Brown), who serves as inspiration or even a role model for his students. We see his troublesome relationship with principal Mrs Dreus and his special bond with his students. The diversity in culture, emotion and background of each child, means they all have their own original stories to tell. Love, jealousy, fights, bullying, and troubles at home: the students offer a treasure trove of stories that take us to a variety of locations. There are recurring elements of light drama, but it is told with speed, humour and charm, and dramatic conflicts are addressed as challenges that can and will be overcome.

    • Mister Twister wants to ask Marie Louise Smulders out, but her dog pulls her quickly away, twice in a row, and he can barely say hello. The next time, he produces a large bone to distract the dog – and finally he manages to ask her to join him for an ice-cream. After the children catch Mister Twister drawing hearts in class, he quickly responds by saying that ‘unrequited love’ will be the theme for their art class. The pieces will be displayed in a dedicated ‘Museum of Love’. Meanwhile, Wahed, who is in love with Manon, tries to help get her parents back together, but will his plans work out? More importantly: Will Manon agree to be his girlfriend?


      After visiting the observatory with her father, Aukje asks Mister Twister if they could do something on spacecraft. She passes her excitement about space travel onto the whole class, along with the idea that one day people will be going to Mars. Suddenly her classmates turn into Martians! Aukje dreams of becoming an astronaut, but she realizes how unlikely it is. Mister Twister, feeling Aukje’s disappointment growing, explains that fantasy and reality are not really that far apart. There are no limits to our dreams and many things we enjoy today were once thought impossible. Dream, and maybe it will even come true!


      Aukje is being bullied by Kevin, an older boy. Nobody seems to have noticed except Mister Twister, who has seen how Kevin and his friend clearly have it in for Aukje. Meanwhile, Principal Dreus is busy with preparations for the school line dance and wants everyone to get involved. Poor Mister Twister cannot get the steps right, much to Mister Hank’s amusement. When Aukje breaks down in class, Mister Twister comes up with the idea of a protective huddle. Aukje gets her confidence back during the school line dance, and no longer needs others to feel strong. But that doesn’t seem to be the case for Mister Twister, when Mister Hank ridicules him in front of the group… And so the class do a protective huddle around him instead!

    • Mister TwisterSynopsis

      When Mister Twister suddenly has to take care of his mother during the middle of the school soccer competition, Mrs. Dreus steps in to replace him as coach. Team 6B’s results take a massive nosedive, so Tobias decides to think of something to make Mister Twister come back. Thankfully, the class is simply bursting with talent. They help Mister Twister take care of his mother, and he’s back on the pitch for the final to be their coach.

    • Mister Twister

      Cast: Leendert de Ridder, Sanne Wallis de Vries,

      Produced by: PVPictures
      Producer: Paul Voorthuysen
      Executive Producers: Chris Derks, Marit Agter
      Executive Producers ZDF: Nicole Keeb
      Executive Producers ZDF Enterprises: Arne Lohmann
      Directed by: Aniëlle Webster
      Written by: Tijs van Marle and others
      Associate Producer: Katja Scheffer
      Raymonde de Kuyper, Diewertje Dir and many more

      © 2016 PVPictures bv


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