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The Muscleteers

Welcome to the Harbor district: a bustling port full of activity and cosmopolitan flair. But its dank, shadow-filled alleyways are not always safe for the area’s rodent residents. Hunted by cats and exterminators, swept away with the garbage, driven from their homes by construction: and stomping, oblivious humans; every day is filled with danger and hardship. But the flame of hope still burns thanks to our courageous protectors — The Muscleteers!

45 x 11’


Target Audience:
from 6 to 9-year-olds

CGI / 3D animated

The series is all about helping and being there for each other. Traditional values, such as solidarity and fairness, are transported into the modern world and it becomes obvious that they are not old-fashioned but timeless. All for One and One for All!

The episodes are a mix of action-packed, often perilious adventures, mixed with a lot of fun and entertainment. And in the end the Muscleteers will always save the day!

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  • Picandou

    The Couch Potato

    A cheese connoisseur named for his favorite Camembert, Picandou is un-athletic, timid and not that interested in “risking it all”. He’s a total house mouse, used to the creature comforts of four walls and four square meals a day. Despite his reluctance to leave his safe home, this Muscleteer strives to overcome his fear of heights and the outside world to help others. Even if he whines all the time. He is in love with Josephine and can get quite jealous.

    His language: Uses varieties of cheese to express his feelings. “I’m feeling quite Danablu today.”

    Characteristic traits: A planner, he hates risks. But when things turn physical, Picandou uses his wits to turn his attackers’ moves against them.

  • Bertram

    The Visionary

    Our exuberant, husky hamster grew up in a gilded cage. As a pup, he heard a radio play of Dumas’ The Musketeers. Inspired, Bertram formed the Muscleteers, picturing himself as the dashing D’Artagnan. An overdramatic romantic, Bertram lives and breathes adventure, quoting Dumas at every opportunity. He feels he’s a born leader but his inflated ego needs constant approval and he never misses a chance to steal the spotlight.

    His language: Grandiose, over the top, anachronistically elaborate.

    Characteristic traits: Bertram wears a cocktail stir-stick “rapier” to keep enemies at bay and tends to emphasize his speeches with dramatic poses.

  • Josephine "Jo"

    The Freedom Fighter

    A former lab rat, brainy and inquisitive Josephine knows the value of freedom and is quick to confront injustice. She’s a courageous, yet cool-headed fighter for the underdog. Jo appreciates order so Pomme’s impulsive ways and messy habits drive her nuts. In her old lab, Jo gained an array of scientific knowledge and a keen sense of direction. In fact, she’s a maze master!

    Her language: Thoughtful, empathetic, gentle and calm but when her passion rises, she commands attention! She carefully choses her words, but when her passion rises she can be quite brash!

    Characteristic traits: Josephine has an overlong tail, which she uses like Indiana Jones‘ whip. She also developed a bad case of OCD during her time in the lab.

  • Pomme de Terre "Pomme"

    The Brawler

    This street-smart mouse is sloppy, irreverent and boastful but he’s got a heart of gold and never turns away anyone in need. Courageous to the extreme when his friends need their tails pulled from the fire, Pomme loves to brawl. Planning isn’t his style. He’d rather leap into the action and improvise. Pomme has numerous cousins all over the city; on the street, in ships, garages and warehouses and they’re all ready to help!

    His language: Plain English with modern idioms. “Hey bro!”; “Comin’ atcha!”

    Characteristic traits: Rough and tumble. He’s not afraid to tackle anyone, no matter how big. Over-confident.


Based on the original books „The Muscleteers“
by Ute Krause

Christoph Zirngibl

Karen Mitrega, Marcus Hamann

Executive Producer:
Gabriele M. Walther

Producer ZDF:
Götz Brandt, Ingo Weis

Hubert Weiland, Dietrich Hasse

A Production of:
Caligari Film

In coproduction with:
ZDF, Belga Productions, Traffix Entertainment

Distributed by:
ZDF Studios

With the support of:
FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, Medien- und Filmgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg and the Belgian Federal Government’s Tax Shelter via Belga Films Fund

© Caligari Film 2021


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