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Elegant, silent and full of fantastic surprises – Pan Tau is no ordinary school mascot. No matter what the problem is: whenever a kid at Westpark School needs help, he is there to help with a smile and his incredible magic.

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This is Pan Tau

  • Pan Tau is a gentle and energetic man in a suit – complete with bowler hat and umbrella.
  • Pan Tau doesn't speak, but has magical powers.
  • Pan Tau enjoys helping out families, especially kids, who are experiencing some sort of conflict.
  • Pan Tau's magic creates even more chaos in the family he's visiting. However, this leads to fun and adventure.
  • Pan Tau makes people change their perspective on everyday life, which brings families back together.
  • Pan Tau is the invisible friend every kid wants to have


  • EP 01 – Neighbours From Hell
    Martin secretly has feelings for his neighbour Erika. Tricky, as his uptight parents are at war with the family next door!

  • EP 02 – The Third Dimension
    Erika is struggling at school and is in danger of having to repeat the year if she can't pass maths. PAN TAU tries to help with his unique way...

  • EP 03 – Princess On Wheels
    The sisters Marie and Anna have opposing agendas... PAN TAU's attempts to help result in Marie finding herself trapped in a painting. Anna must mount an art heist to free her.

  • EP 04 – The Show Might Go On
    Anna desperately wants to star in the school's musical production of Cinderella. PAN TAU encourages Anna to fight for the part...

  • EP 05 – Can't Stop The Beat
    Lucas is practicing hard for an audition as drummer in the coolest band in school. PAN TAU takes up the challenge to nurture Lucas' talent...

  • EP 06 – Caravan
    To impress her friends, Lara enlists PAN TAU to help her make her mundane family's campsite holiday appear to be an exotic paradise.

  • EP 07 – The Influencers
    Kat, wants to make a friend. PAN TAU hooks her up with nerdy Sarabel. They show her who her real friends are.

  • EP 08 – Science Friction
    Sarabel's invented a dog walking drone, inspired by her mum, and hopes to win the top prize at the science fair...

  • EP 09 – Under Construction
    In Order to help their parents spending more time with their kids, Matt secretly takes over the work of them with the aid of PAN TAU, while Sam covers for him.

  • EP 10 – The Farm
    When Sam and PAN TAU spend the weekend at Grandpa's farm two facts become apparent: Sam isn't cut out for farm work and grandpa expects Sam to take over the farm when he retires...

  • EP 11 – Fantasy Novel - Part 1
    Charlotte has no time for the way women are portrayed in the bestselling fantasy novels "Swordstone": Why are all the heroic deeds given to men? PAN TAU transports her into the fictional world of the novel...

  • EP 12 – Fantasy Novel - Part 2
    Charlotte's bookworm brother Justin is pulled into the fictional world of "Swordstone" by PAN TAU to rescue his sister, return to reality and save their parents' bookstore.

  • EP 13 – Dog Days
    Mia wants a dog. She can have one, says her corporate minded father, as long as she can prove she is up to the responsibility...

  • EP 14 – TV News
    Mac is worried his internship at his dad's company will be desperately dull. But when PAN TAU is mistaken at reception for the new CEO, Mac finds himself in the role of his personal assistant...

Pan Tau's Skills

Charlie Chaplin meets
Mary Poppins

  • Pan Tau gets his magic from his bowler hat
  • Pan Tau can shrink himself to the size of a puppet
  • Pan Tau conjures up objects or does other magic tricks
  • Pan Tau can make himself invisible
  • Pan Tau makes our wishes and dreams come true
  • Pan Tau never talks, but has a special understanding of emotional needs

This is Matt Edwards

Job: Magician
Started with magic tricks at the age of 5
Golden Buzzer and fourth place at 2017's "Britain's Got Talent" (as a Magician)

"A childhood dream came true."
"Pan Tau is a gentleman and he creates meaningful things with small gestures."
"The show really touched my heart and changed my life."

Pan Tau

Genre: Junior / Live Action
Format: 14 x 25'
Target Group: 8-12 & Family

Immerse yourself in the magical world of Pan Tau

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