Pettson and Findus

Pettson is an old man who lives on a farm way up North and cares for his lively and imaginative cat Findus. Findus constantly wants to discover and experience new and exciting things, e. g.: fishing, outdoor-camping or treasure hunting. Since Findus has never done these things before, Pettson is always by his side and takes good care of him. He also uses these adventures to test some of his newest inventions …

Unfortunately, these inventions do not always work the way they should and things end up in a mess. Sometimes the cocky feline – who is like a son to him – really gets on Pettson’s nerves, but in the end they’re always one heart and one mind. For they both know that one without the other is unthinkable – and would only be half the fun!

New Adventures:
26 x 13′ (HD)

Classics – also available:
Season 1:                         Season 2:
13 x 13′ (SD)                      13 x 13′ (SD)

2 x 70′ and 2 x 75′ (SD 4:3)


Target Audience:
Preschool 3-6

Key Words:
Friendship, Family, Comedy, Nature, Upcycling, Sustainability, Inventiveness, Adventures, Respect.

The series is about friendship, relationships, respect,
sustainability and inventiveness…

What makes Pettson and Findus special?
– Their extreme attachment animals and nature.

– Treating each other lovingly and interacting respectfully, regardless of whether young or old.

– Great comedy elements thanks to the Mucklas and hens.

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  • Pettson

    Pettson is an old man who lives in a red wooden house in the country with his tomcat, Findus. His neighbours think he’s a little strange – living there all alone with a cat. But he is at one with himself, content with the world he lives in. Although he tries to do things the right way, they often end up wrong or he simply has bad luck. An inventor of sorts, he is happiest at his work bench, upcycling the materials he finds. It’s a good thing Findus is there to keep an eye on things, although he spends most of his time running around, making noise and having fun. Pettson is often trying to get something done, so he tells Findus to take it easy. But he is never strict and always very gentle with Findus. His empathy and inner peace make him a true role model.

  • Findus

    Findus, the tomcat, is Pettson’s best friend or his grandchild, however you choose to see it. He’s very determined, full of new ideas and set on making them come true, mostly with the help of Pettson. Most of all he loves having fun and hates cleaning up more than anything else in the world. Sometimes, the tomcat and old man don’t really see eye to eye. When Pettson wants to grow flowers, Findus thinks it would be a much better idea to cook meatballs. Findus is stubborn, inventive, lively, clever and very cheeky. Curious like a kid, he has a natural urge to explore the world around him. Faced with a task or challenge, he takes it on bravely and creatively, learning new things every step of the way.

  • Chickens

    Prillan, Mathilda, Fia, Doris, Majros, Soffi-Moffi, Henrietta, Stina-Fina and Henni are the nine hens at Pettson’s farm. They have a wide range of funny characters: some are a little posh, some a little clumsy and others just plain dumb. The only female creatures on the farm, they are rather demanding and want to be treated like princesses. Their favourite leisure activity is chattering incessantly at their beloved coffee parties. Their constant nagging gives the stories punchlines.

    In Seasons 3+4, the stories focus more on the nine hens!

  • The Mucklas

    The Mucklas are small creatures who live in hiding places in Pettson and Findus’ house and dispose of all kinds of items. There are six of them in total, and they’re all different. They’re always close to Pettson and Findus, usually engaged in their own chaotic activities and ready to laugh maliciously when mishaps happen to Pettson or Findus. They’re constantly watching, thinking, trying to help out or simply imitating activities around them. The Mucklas are only visible to Findus and no one else. They are his imaginary friends.

  • Gustavsson

    He is Pettson’s neighbour who lives at the farm next door. Gustavsson feels constant rivalry between him and Pettson. But the feeling is not mutual, because Pettson is unaware of any competition between them. Gustavsson loves talking about Pettson’s latest quirks in the village. They are like brothers or best friends who can’t do with or without each other. And when things get tough, they always stand together and help each other. He loves hunting and fishing, but is very scared of the fox living in the nearby forest. Gustavsson has a wife, Elsa, and two children. His dog Harpo is also very important to him. Harpo is a hunting dog, but he has a gentle soul and is therefore open to friendship, even with Findus.

  • Beda Andersson

    One of Pettson’s friends is Beda, an old lady who lives nearby and sometimes shows up at the farm. A little grumpy, Beda is a female Gustavsson and always wears her heart on her sleeve. Pettson calls her by her first name, suggesting that there might be a closer relationship between them.


Based on the Books by Sven Nordqvist

Season 3+4

Claudia Radtke, Dirk Hampel

Executive Producer:  
Andrea zum Felde

Dirk Hampel, Mirko Dreiling, Benjamin Lorenzo

Produced by:
Edel Kids and B.Water Animation StudioS

© 2021 Edel / ZDF


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