Two contestants. 50 fields to win: QUIZ HUNT™ is an exciting duel with entertaining quiz questions, ingenious strategies and a cash prize of € 5,000 per round daily excitement and fun.

The competition starts at the beginning of a spiral course. The goal is to be the first to reach the 50th field. The contestants are asked fascinating, informative and sometimes witty questions. Each player chooses the difficulty level of their question. A correct answer allows them to advance corresponding to the question’s difficulty. This can be risky. If an answer is wrong, the opponent may choose to take over the question and advance themselves. In addition, contestants can take their opponents back a certain number of fields corresponding to a question’s difficulty during the course of the game. There can only be one winner – and this person becomes the hunted in the next round.

QUIZ HUNT™’s success began in autumn of 2019 with a permanent pre-prime time slot. Three years later, market share in this timeslot has almost quadrupled and subsequent timeslots benefit from this rapid growth.

An exciting contest that keeps viewers tied to their screens!

45’ – 60’

Quiz Show

Access primetime , catching quiz, easy to produce, key element ‘the spiral’

6 seasons with more than 450 episodes

Produced by:
Interspot Film for ServusTV

Format Elements

  • Host and Contestants

    The host of the show is a likeable buddy type. Someone you like to watch and listen to. He embodies competence and seriousness, but is not a teacher in chief – on the contrary, humor and fun are not neglected in the talks with the candidates.

    The candidates reflect the audience and appeal to the station’s target group throughout the season. Here, too, sympathy, knowledge and humor should be well balanced. Sometimes there is a candidate who earns a lot of money over several shows. This person can also be polarizing.

  • Quiz Mechanics

    The two QUIZ HUNT™ candidates start the game at the beginning of the course, which consists of 50 fields.
    The contestant who won the previous round is now hunted by a new challenger.
    The two contestants are alternately asked multiple choice questions. Each contestant can choose the level of difficulty before the question is asked.

    There are three levels of difficulty: one, three and five. Three times during a round, a contestant can choose to answer a particularly difficult level ten question.
    With each correct answer, the contestant advances the corresponding number of fields along the course.
    If a contestant answers a question incorrectly, the challenger may choose to take over the same question – which is now easier, as one potential incorrect answer is no longer in play.
    If the contestant answers this question correctly, they advance the corresponding number of fields. If their answer is wrong, the game moves on to the other contestant and the next question. If the contestant chooses not to take over the opponent’s question, they are asked a new question.
    And that’s not all! A new challenge is introduced halfway through the course.
    When a contestant reaches the 25th field, they find themselves in the “Catch Back Zone”.
    From this point on, the contestant’s opponent can choose EITHER to move forward if they answer a question correctly – OR force the contestant to move back by the number of fields corresponding to the difficulty level.
    Each contestant can only use the Catch Back strategy three times per round – and only if their opponent is in the Catch Back zone.
    The winner is the first contestant to reach the 50th field.
    This person goes on to face a new challenger in a new round.

  • Studio and Artwork

    Spiral steps appear as a recurring element of QUIZ HUNT™. They are visible both as an integral element of the studio structure and in a stylized form in the key artwork. In the course of the show, the candidates walk up the individually illuminated fields of the spiral. The effect of excitement is enhanced by using a camera from above. Through a variety of different lighting moods in the studio and LED lights in the background, the viewer’s gaze is drawn to the key element of the spiral, the candidates acting on it, and the host.

  • Questions

    Which of the following statements about Donald Duck is true?
    A: Wears a red hat – B: Doesn’t wear trousers – C: Drives a blue car – D: Always carries a yellow bag

    Who wrote the novel „Dangerous Liaisons“, which has been adapted for stage and screen?
    A: Giacomo Casanova – B: Marquis de Sade – C: Denis Diderot – D: Pierre Choderlos de Laclos

    Since launching in 2019 in Austria, QUIZ HUNT™ has tripled its market share in the broadcast slot and is now the perfect lead-in to the following formats – this success is caused by many, many genius Quiz Questions – which are tailormade for the production.


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