Scream Street


“Scream Street” follows the wonderful, funny and slightly tangential world of a community of so-called monsters; it’s home to families of werewolves, vampires, mummies, zombies, witches, goblins and, even the odd (very odd!) human too. The show is adapted from the best-selling book series of the same name.

This spooky-comedy focuses on the core teen friendship group of Luke Watson (reluctant werewolf), Cleo Farr (a teenage mummy) and Resus Negative (a wannabe vampire). Their extended friendship group includes an apprentice witch (Luella), a surfer-dude zombie (Doug) and, latterly, the newest addition of Six, a Frankenstein-esque super-athlete.

Stories are told with heart and warmth and always with fast-paced comedy at the fore; delivered through sharp, witty dialogue and physical comedy. There’s plenty of action too as we see our trio outwit and battle all manner of foes and villains that are just part of the every-day adventures of living in “Scream Street”.

The series also captures those challenges and tribulations of teen friendship groups; fall-outs, BFF’s, first-crushes, acceptance and inclusion. A recurring narrative is the importance of being who you are, but the themes and messages are delivered with plenty of humor, wit – and some kick-ass moves too!

Technically this award-winning series is at the premium, cutting-edge of stop-motion animation, evoking the style and ground-breaking techniques of “Coraline” and “The Nightmare Before Christmas”; but all delivered with a lightness of touch appropriate for kids.

78 x 11′

Season 1: 52 x 11‘
Season 2: 26 x 11‘


Target Audience:
6 – 10 years

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  • Luke Watson

    Luke is smart, fun loving, mischievous, with a taste for adventure. He also hates being told what to do, seldom obeys orders, and only ever thinks about number one. So he’s much like any other young teenage boy – except Luke is a werewolf. Yes, all teenagers lose their temper from time to time, but when Luke gets angry he turns into a werewolf, and when he’s a werewolf he’s totally out of control and a danger to all those around him.
    Back in the ‘Normal World’ Luke struggled to make friends, and his parents were scared of him. Losing his temper could lead to a trail of destruction that, if he was lucky, only involved damaged property. Understandably he became something of a lone wolf, and kept out of people’s way.

    But he’s been lucky enough to get a ticket to Scream Street, and, now he’s here, Luke is really blossoming. Here being a ‘freak’ it totally normal. Finally he can be himself and not be scared of what people will say. He’s in a happy supportive environment and he’s actually got friends now too. Cleo and Resus are the first real mates Luke has had and he would do anything for them.

    Luke may love life in Scream Street, but not everybody does. His parents are ‘normals’, and are only in Scream Street for Luke’s sake. His dad is clearly terrified of all the other residents and would rather be anywhere else, so Luke’s happiness here does come at a price.

    Luke can perform partial werewolf transformations – but hasn’t quite mastered it. So, as often as not, when he wants werewolf arms, he gets werewolf ears.

  • Cleo Farr

    Cleo is a sassy, feisty, 4,000 year-old mummy, The upside to being a 4,000 year-old child is that she’s seen more and done far more than anyone else her age ever has, and she’s had plenty of time to master all sorts of skills – she’s an expert on the piano, a black belt in everything from Kung Fu to Origami, and comes top in almost every subject at school. The downside is that when she makes friends she watches them get older whilst she stays a child forever.

    She used to be friends with some of the grown-ups in Scream Street when they were children, including Eefa, but they grew apart a long time ago. Now she’s very close to Luke and Resus, and every sign of ageing that Luke or Resus exhibit is like a dagger to her heart (which she keeps in a locked casket).

    Cleo is virtually indestructible – there’s no blood in her body and her vital organs are kept in jars in a safe place. She can be bitten, slimed and electrocuted but she’ll always be ready for more. At the same time she is still vulnerable, particularly if someone tracks down the casket that stores her heart, and to find out what happens if her bandages are slashed by werewolf claws, don’t miss Season 2’s ‘The Screamworm’.

    4,000 years ago Cleo was an Egyptian Princess, daughter of the Pharaoh, but nowadays she hates being called ‘Princess’. If she’s playing up Luke or Resus will sarcastically refer to her as ‘Princess’ then sit back and watch the fireworks.

    Cleo has a strong sense of right-and-wrong. She’s right. The boys are wrong.


    Resus comes from a long line of Vampires, but due to a genetic quirk is not one himself. Whilst he is of vampire blood, he has none of the manifestations of being a vampire – none of the cool stuff. He can’t turn into a bat, can’t speed blur around the place, can’t drink blood and does have a reflection. It’s a great disappointment to his parents and he knows it. Resus hates nothing more than being called a ‘Shampire’.

    Series 2 sees Resus more desperate than ever to become a proper vampire, and when Luella finds a spell that will turn him into one, he will stop at nothing to make it happen. Unfortunately the ingredients required include the dust from a tooth fairy, and this being Scream Street, all the tooth fairies here are totally lethal. His quest to become a proper vampire ends up putting all the residents in serious jeopardy.

    But Resus does succeed and now he can speed blur, and turn into a bat – unfortunately his new vampire powers aren’t much use as he’s so uncoordinated that he’s always crashing into walls. He does now have a taste for blood and can no longer see himself in a mirror, but he remains the same timid, sarcastic ghoul that we’ve come to know and love.

  • DOUG

    Doug is a surf-dude zombie slacker and by far the most laid back member of Scream Street. He can often be found staggering about looking for his rotten limbs, which fall off with alarming regularity.

    Doug is a big fan of Luke, Cleo and Resus, and always up for lending a hand – or the whole of him if that’s more help, although he tends to fall to pieces under pressure – literally.

    Like most zombies back from the dead, Doug is a great digger, and he loves to hang out in his hammock in his underground pad, chillaxing to the sounds of ‘Brain Drain’, while drinking a long cool glass of spinal fluid.

    He often hangs out with Dig, (hence ‘Dig and Doug’) but Dig is not Doug’s dog – “ownership is such a negative concept man. Nobody can ‘own’ a free spirit, Dude.”

    He likes to play games with Dig. His favourite is ‘Fetch’ his least favourite is ‘Football with Doug’s head’.

    Doug is a chilled character but he does get worked up about video games which involve smashing up zombies: “So not cool!” Don’t miss Season 2’s ‘Zombie Smash-Fest’.

    Doug is the local postman / delivery man. No one is surprised when his hand will punch through floorboards with someone’s letters or indeed with a package marked ‘very fragile, handle with care’. Apart from Mike…

  • DIG

    Dig is a half-dead dog. His front half is a dog, his back half a skeleton. In cross section he’s like a swiss roll, with a central hole where his guts end, a ring of flesh, then a ring of fur.

    If he eats anything it comes straight out of the hole in his guts still in tact. It hasn’t been digested at all. This means he can eat the same biscuit again and again… and again.

    Dig is technically Doug’s dog, but he’s a law unto himself, roving Scream Street and hanging out with whoever’s having the most fun – which is invariably Luke, Cleo and Resus.

    Dig’s quite smart for a dog, pretty fearless (well he hasn’t got much to lose), and always up for helping out. He is as lovable as he is hideous.

    As his name would suggest, Dig loves to dig.


    Otto is the Mayor of Scream Street. Or as he likes to put it the ‘Night Mayor’.

    In a town full of monsters, the Mayor is the biggest monster of all and he’s not even a monster. Sir Otto is a ‘normal’ who is driven by greed and prejudice. He wants to be all powerful and fabulously wealthy and he doesn’t want to have to spend time with ‘Freaks’. He despises all the inhabitants of Scream Street and treats them with utter contempt.

    Otto abuses his position at every opportunity and is constantly scheming to make money, whether it’s by turning off the vampires’ blood supply and selling bottled blood… stealing zombie body parts and then selling them back to them… or replacing the gas supply with cheaper highly explosive goblin wind.

    Our heroes are always coming into conflict with Otto, and do their best to thwart his evil schemes.

  • SIX

    All the lights go out in Scream Street as new resident Dr F re-routes the power to bring to life her new creation: ‘Six’.

    Six is a teenage Frankenstein’s monster, created from the body parts of brilliant athletes, so she is as talented as she is mixed up. She can beat Luke at an arm wrestle – even when he goes wolf hand – but she can easily run out of power, and needs to be plugged back in regularly. Six knows nothing about the ways of the world, but she is a quick learner.

    At first Six is seen as a threat to Luke, Resus and Cleo, but as they get to know her she soon becomes their friend.

    She’s named Six as Dr F does not want to grow too attached to her, and she’s always worried that if her creator is unhappy with her she will just go and make a ‘Seven’.

    Otto thinks she was created to help him win the annual Monsterball competition, but Dr F has altogether more sinister plans for Six, which we find out about in the dramatic season finale.

  • DR F

    The Watsons have a secretive new neighbour who seems to use an awful lot of electricity. Step forward evil scientist ‘Dr F’, with her manic laugh, together with her new creation ‘Six’, a teenage Frankenstein’s monster.

    Otto has supplied Dr F with a lab because he wants to use her scientific genius for his dodgy schemes. Otto thinks she is just working for him, but she most definitely is not – she is using the lab for her own nefarious purposes.

    Over the course of this new series, Dr F fine-tunes her creation and trains her up for a mission so terrifying she won’t let anybody know about it – not even Six. A mission that involves Dr F’s sinister past in a parallel universe.

    At first she’s very cold-hearted towards her young monster creation, but her attitude eventually thaws. Maybe Dr F isn’t entirely evil after all.

    Dr F is a frightening (and hilarious) new antagonist for our lead characters – and she lives in the midst of them.


Produced by:
Coolabi Productions, Factory, Ingenious Media, Scream Street Series 1 in association with Nau Productions PLC (Season 1)
Coolabi Productions, Factory, Ingenious Media, Porcelain Pig Television Limited (Season 2)

Phil Chalk

Executive Producers:
Zoe Bamsey, Helen McAleer, Lucy Pryke, Katharina Pietzsch (Season 1)
Teresa Reed, Michael Dee, Aubrey Clarke, Katharina Pietzsch (Season 2)

Walker Productions, CBBC, ZDF Studios (Season 1)
CBBC, ZDF Studios (Season 2)

Directed by:
Geoff Walker

Show Runner:
Giles Pilbrow

Music by:
Gareth Davies

Season 1: © Coolabi Productions Limited 2015-2017
Season 2: © Coolabi Productions Limited 2019-2021


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