Cleo Farr

Cleo is a sassy, feisty, 4,000 year-old mummy, The upside to being a 4,000 year-old child is that she’s seen more and done far more than anyone else her age ever has, and she’s had plenty of time to master all sorts of skills – she’s an expert on the piano, a black belt in everything from Kung Fu to Origami, and comes top in almost every subject at school. The downside is that when she makes friends she watches them get older whilst she stays a child forever.

She used to be friends with some of the grown-ups in Scream Street when they were children, including Eefa, but they grew apart a long time ago. Now she’s very close to Luke and Resus, and every sign of ageing that Luke or Resus exhibit is like a dagger to her heart (which she keeps in a locked casket).

Cleo is virtually indestructible – there’s no blood in her body and her vital organs are kept in jars in a safe place. She can be bitten, slimed and electrocuted but she’ll always be ready for more. At the same time she is still vulnerable, particularly if someone tracks down the casket that stores her heart, and to find out what happens if her bandages are slashed by werewolf claws, don’t miss Season 2’s ‘The Screamworm’.

4,000 years ago Cleo was an Egyptian Princess, daughter of the Pharaoh, but nowadays she hates being called ‘Princess’. If she’s playing up Luke or Resus will sarcastically refer to her as ‘Princess’ then sit back and watch the fireworks.

Cleo has a strong sense of right-and-wrong. She’s right. The boys are wrong.