Dig is a half-dead dog. His front half is a dog, his back half a skeleton. In cross section he’s like a swiss roll, with a central hole where his guts end, a ring of flesh, then a ring of fur.

If he eats anything it comes straight out of the hole in his guts still in tact. It hasn’t been digested at all. This means he can eat the same biscuit again and again… and again.

Dig is technically Doug’s dog, but he’s a law unto himself, roving Scream Street and hanging out with whoever’s having the most fun – which is invariably Luke, Cleo and Resus.

Dig’s quite smart for a dog, pretty fearless (well he hasn’t got much to lose), and always up for helping out. He is as lovable as he is hideous.

As his name would suggest, Dig loves to dig.