Doug is a surf-dude zombie slacker and by far the most laid back member of Scream Street. He can often be found staggering about looking for his rotten limbs, which fall off with alarming regularity.

Doug is a big fan of Luke, Cleo and Resus, and always up for lending a hand – or the whole of him if that’s more help, although he tends to fall to pieces under pressure – literally.

Like most zombies back from the dead, Doug is a great digger, and he loves to hang out in his hammock in his underground pad, chillaxing to the sounds of ‘Brain Drain’, while drinking a long cool glass of spinal fluid.

He often hangs out with Dig, (hence ‘Dig and Doug’) but Dig is not Doug’s dog – “ownership is such a negative concept man. Nobody can ‘own’ a free spirit, Dude.”

He likes to play games with Dig. His favourite is ‘Fetch’ his least favourite is ‘Football with Doug’s head’.

Doug is a chilled character but he does get worked up about video games which involve smashing up zombies: “So not cool!” Don’t miss Season 2’s ‘Zombie Smash-Fest’.

Doug is the local postman / delivery man. No one is surprised when his hand will punch through floorboards with someone’s letters or indeed with a package marked ‘very fragile, handle with care’. Apart from Mike…