The Watsons have a secretive new neighbour who seems to use an awful lot of electricity. Step forward evil scientist ‘Dr F’, with her manic laugh, together with her new creation ‘Six’, a teenage Frankenstein’s monster.

Otto has supplied Dr F with a lab because he wants to use her scientific genius for his dodgy schemes. Otto thinks she is just working for him, but she most definitely is not – she is using the lab for her own nefarious purposes.

Over the course of this new series, Dr F fine-tunes her creation and trains her up for a mission so terrifying she won’t let anybody know about it – not even Six. A mission that involves Dr F’s sinister past in a parallel universe.

At first she’s very cold-hearted towards her young monster creation, but her attitude eventually thaws. Maybe Dr F isn’t entirely evil after all.

Dr F is a frightening (and hilarious) new antagonist for our lead characters – and she lives in the midst of them.