Luke Watson

Luke is smart, fun loving, mischievous, with a taste for adventure. He also hates being told what to do, seldom obeys orders, and only ever thinks about number one. So he’s much like any other young teenage boy – except Luke is a werewolf. Yes, all teenagers lose their temper from time to time, but when Luke gets angry he turns into a werewolf, and when he’s a werewolf he’s totally out of control and a danger to all those around him.
Back in the ‘Normal World’ Luke struggled to make friends, and his parents were scared of him. Losing his temper could lead to a trail of destruction that, if he was lucky, only involved damaged property. Understandably he became something of a lone wolf, and kept out of people’s way.

But he’s been lucky enough to get a ticket to Scream Street, and, now he’s here, Luke is really blossoming. Here being a ‘freak’ it totally normal. Finally he can be himself and not be scared of what people will say. He’s in a happy supportive environment and he’s actually got friends now too. Cleo and Resus are the first real mates Luke has had and he would do anything for them.

Luke may love life in Scream Street, but not everybody does. His parents are ‘normals’, and are only in Scream Street for Luke’s sake. His dad is clearly terrified of all the other residents and would rather be anywhere else, so Luke’s happiness here does come at a price.

Luke can perform partial werewolf transformations – but hasn’t quite mastered it. So, as often as not, when he wants werewolf arms, he gets werewolf ears.