Resus comes from a long line of Vampires, but due to a genetic quirk is not one himself. Whilst he is of vampire blood, he has none of the manifestations of being a vampire – none of the cool stuff. He can’t turn into a bat, can’t speed blur around the place, can’t drink blood and does have a reflection. It’s a great disappointment to his parents and he knows it. Resus hates nothing more than being called a ‘Shampire’.

Series 2 sees Resus more desperate than ever to become a proper vampire, and when Luella finds a spell that will turn him into one, he will stop at nothing to make it happen. Unfortunately the ingredients required include the dust from a tooth fairy, and this being Scream Street, all the tooth fairies here are totally lethal. His quest to become a proper vampire ends up putting all the residents in serious jeopardy.

But Resus does succeed and now he can speed blur, and turn into a bat – unfortunately his new vampire powers aren’t much use as he’s so uncoordinated that he’s always crashing into walls. He does now have a taste for blood and can no longer see himself in a mirror, but he remains the same timid, sarcastic ghoul that we’ve come to know and love.