All the lights go out in Scream Street as new resident Dr F re-routes the power to bring to life her new creation: ‘Six’.

Six is a teenage Frankenstein’s monster, created from the body parts of brilliant athletes, so she is as talented as she is mixed up. She can beat Luke at an arm wrestle – even when he goes wolf hand – but she can easily run out of power, and needs to be plugged back in regularly. Six knows nothing about the ways of the world, but she is a quick learner.

At first Six is seen as a threat to Luke, Resus and Cleo, but as they get to know her she soon becomes their friend.

She’s named Six as Dr F does not want to grow too attached to her, and she’s always worried that if her creator is unhappy with her she will just go and make a ‘Seven’.

Otto thinks she was created to help him win the annual Monsterball competition, but Dr F has altogether more sinister plans for Six, which we find out about in the dramatic season finale.