Space Nova

Space Nova — a blast of fun and adventure — with science at its core 

2162 has been a blast for the space exploring Nova family, especially when they discover the first ever proof that humanity is not alone in the universe. During a routine research mission, the Novas stumble across an abandoned alien spacecraft trapped in a celestial butterfly. Even more incredible, this craft — made entirely out of rock — appears to be fueled by a rainbow substance thatʼs so powerful that the alien craft escapes at speeds beyond anything they’ve ever seen. Although the Novas are unable to capture the alien rock ship or the Star Dust that powers it, they now know for certain that an advanced, intelligent species does exist. One that is able to travel the universe in the blink of an eye. The Novas must follow the trail of clues left behind to find it! And so, the quest begins …

Season 1: 26 x 24‘


Target Audience:
from 6 to 10-year-olds

+ + + Family space adventure + + + Epic alien quest + + + Mind blowing science fiction + + + Women & kids in science + + +  Encouraging kids to reach for the stars + + + 

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  • Jet Nova

    +++ 11 years old +++ Alien obsessive +++ Plant lover, biologist +++ Passionate scientist +++ Ace Grav Ball player +++

    Like all the Novas, Jet is a dedicated scientist but he’s also a lover of nature, especially nature that exists outside our solar system. That’s why his chosen field is astrobiology. In fact, whether at home, or in his lab on the family’s spaceship the Eureka, you’ll find
    Jet surrounded by all manner of plants and alien plant life.

    Jet is so obsessed about extra-terrestrial life he’s even created a specially designed chart, which he uses to track the various ‘levels’ of lifeforms he and the Nova family encounter on their missions.

  • Adelaide Nova

    +++ 13 years old +++ Leader in technology +++ Enthusiastic trainee pilot +++ Ace Grav Ball player +++ Gung-ho adventurer +++

    Adelaide Nova is a keen adventurer and scientist, and can usually be found in the Eureka lab tinkering with her latest invention. In fact, whether she’s creating camouflage meta-fabric to turn into ‘invisibility suits’; nano-technology that can repair an entire eco-system; or simply upgrading the family robot – G9; Adelaide always has a technological hack up her sleeve.

    As  excited as she is by the possibility of encountering intelligent extra-terrestrial life (which would be a first for human kind) she is equally excited to earn her large cruiser pilot license to fly the Eureka!

  • G9

    +++ Upgraded by Adelaide beyond his original specs +++ Sometimes a scaredy cat +++ In denial about his more ‘human’ qualities +++ A mini super-computer +++

    G9 is the 5th member of the family and a real asset to the Novas’ missions, although he can be a scaredy cat especially if there is danger.  However, when his family are truly threatened, G9 can find extreme courage deep within his circuits.

    He may be nuts and bolts, but G9 still has human qualities. After all, he’s quite attached to the Novas (a very human emotion for a robot indeed!).

  • Dr Josie Nova

    +++ Doctor of astrobiology +++ Reputable ecologist +++ Believes in aliens +++ Adrenaline lover +++

    As an expert on all things in the natural world (both on earth and beyond) she likes to get her hands dirty in the search for extra-terrestrial life; plant, animal or other!

    Though a super proud and loving parent, she is a little bit more easy going with the kids when it comes to discipline than husband Hugo, and a little more devil-may-care when it comes to diving headfirst into a mission (or an extreme sports holiday).

  • Captain Hugo Nova

    +++ Doctor of planetary geology +++ Eureka’s captain +++ Leading ecologist +++ Foodie – fond of ‘ancient’ cooking methods +++

    Hugo is obsessed with the possibility of finding inhabited alien worlds and the fact that humanity has not yet met an intelligent alien species hasn’t discouraged him. As a planetary and astro-geologist Captain Hugo Nova has the same interests as his family, for unlocking the secrets of the galaxy.

    Hugo delights in being a family astronaut team. He loves to share his knowledge of the planets and love of all things rocks, and when their missions get a little bumpy, he reminds them of the Nova code “Hey! We use our brains, we don’t complain. That’s the Nova Code.”

  • Janali Banks

    +++ Indigenous Australian Astronomer from Gamilaraay +++  Youngest astronomer ever appointed to Luna Port +++ Head of the E.M.U. telescope +++ Always team Nova +++

    Like the Novas, Janali works for the Australian Space Association and is Head of the E.M.U. telescope which sits above Luna Port. Janali is an Australian Indigenous Astronomer from Gamilaraay. She was also a child prodigy who could have done anything, but, like the Novas, believes there are still great mysteries left to be uncovered in the universe.

    As such, she is a great champion for the Novas and their often maverick methods. So, when the Novas tell her about their
    discovery of Star Dust and aliens she is keen to help, and determined to keep a watchful eye out for anything that might help them on their quest.

  • Aubrina Eridani

    +++ Main antagonist +++ President of Luna Port +++ Secretly keeps alien tech +++ Jealous of the Novas +++

    Aubrina Eridani was once a young explorer out to make a name for herself and now as President of Luna Port wields the power and control she thinks she deserves. When Aubrina suspects the Novas may have sighted Star Dust and an alien space craft – the very thing she‘s been searching for all these years, she’s determined to take their research at any cost!

    Aubrina has always been an overprotective mother because 14 years ago she discovered Sol – a baby – on an abandoned space ship, and has raised him as her own ever since.

  • Sol Eridani

    +++ 14 years old +++ Son of President Eridani +++ Smart spoiled brat +++ Finds out he is an alien +++

    Found as a baby on an abandoned exploration ship, Sol has grown up the spoiled rich kid of the most powerful woman on Luna Port. The only kids who don’t seem to respect his ‘power’ are Jet & Adelaide Nova. Even worse, the Nova kids often get their own attention which really annoys Sol, and he takes every opportunity to ridicule them.

    Just when Sol thinks he’s #1 at Luna Port he has the biggest turning point of his life – finding out he himself is an ALIEN! Now he needs the friendship and support of the Nova kids more than he would like to admit. Joining their quest to find aliens could just mean Sol finding out who he really is.

  • Andy Ling

    +++ Head of the Australian Space Association +++ Member of Luna Port Council +++ Keen advocate for the Novas +++ Incredibly level-headed +++

    A beloved figure on Luna Port, Andy is both the head of the Australian Space Association and one of four international members on the Luna Port Council. Most importantly, he is a big supporter of the Novas and their covert missions to find Star Dust, meaning walking the fine line between allowing the Novas to bend the rules and actively bending the truth to the Council and Aubrina.

    Even though Aubrina and he are technically equals on the council, if he is found to have broken the rules it might endanger his position, and therefore ASA’s ability to continue doing any missions in deep space. However Andy believes the risk is worth taking for the greater good.


SPACE NOVA, an original SLR Productions’ programme, co-produced with Giggle Garage; commissioned by SUPER RTL, ABC Australia and Nine Network; financed by Screen Australia and Create NSW. SPACE NOVA will be distributed worldwide by ZDF Studios, excluding Australia and New Zealand, which is distributed by the ACTF.

Created by:
SLR Productions

Executive Producers:
Suzanne Ryan, Zeno Gabing

Yasmin Jones, Juhaidah Jeomin

Creative Directors:
Jo Boag, Sandra Khoo

Series Director:
Pablo de la Torre

Episodic Directors:
Gie Santos, Cindy Scharka

Head Writer:
Thomas Duncan-Watt


© 2020 SLR Productions Pty Ltd, Giggle Garage Sdn Bhd, Create NSW and Screen Australia


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