Surviving Summer

It’s beachside Australia, sun on the water, and
your friends next to you!

After pushing her high-flying Australian mother to the brink, irrepressible Brooklyn teen Summer Torres is sent to live with family friends, the Gibsons, in the tiny town of Shorehaven on the Great Ocean Road. Supposedly she lived there until she was six but as far as she’s concerned, this quirky Aussie family is a bunch of strangers. In a word: she’s furious.

So is Ari Gibson, an introverted but ambitious young surfer coming back to competition after a life-threatening injury and months of rehab. He didn’t ask for this impulsive and unpredictable American to steal his room and completely disrupt his plans. Those plans being: To make the Victorian Junior Surf Team and reconnect with his old buddies – Marlon, Bodhi and Poppy – who drifted away after the surfing accident that put Ari in hospital.

During Summer’s eight-week exile, she’ll be introduced to the fun and thrilling world of competitive surfing … and discover a talent and a drive she never knew she had … as well as an extended family to support her. At the same time, as Ari competes against his friends and awesomely talented kids up and down the coast in an effort to make the State Team, he’ll also battle a secret anxiety that threatens to derail his dreams. Polar opposites in so many ways, Ari and Summer will drive each other crazy, share amazing experiences, and change each others’ lives.

In the 2nd season Summer returns to Shorehaven, having found her own passion for surfing and eager to reunite with Ari and her old friends. But when she makes the State Team, she makes a mortal enemy of the team captain – Ari’s new girlfriend, Wren.

Season 1: 10 x 25′ (available)
Season 2: 8 x 25′ (available in 2024)

Genre / Subgenre:
Live-Action / Youth / Drama

Target Audience:
Tween / Teen 10+


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    Rebellious, fearless, wild, Summer is a force of nature. She does what she wants, when she wants and woe betide anyone who tries to stop her. Her attitude to life is to have as much fun as she can, push boundaries and live on the edge. She’s easily distracted and easily bored, which means school has never been a good fit. Having said that, she’s smart as hell and athletically gifted but just hasn’t found anything to keep her attention for long. Skating has been the one thing she’s kept up, and cruising around Brooklyn with her crew has been her preferred way of blowing off steam.

  • ARI

    Thoughtful and introspective, Ari has always been a good kid. A sweet kid. Someone who always thought a lot about right and wrong, about how to act. He has a tendency to overthink things, to worry about things. He’s not a big fan of surprises and works hard to be as prepared as possible, whether for an exam or a surf competition.


    Chatty, funny, outgoing, with two surfing-obsessed older brothers, Poppy has always been a bit of a tomboy – strong, athletic, and pretends not to care how she looks. She knows how talented she is on a surfboard – even better than her brothers – and has always been fiercely competitive.


    On the surface, Marlon is easy-going, confident and fun-loving. He never takes anything too seriously and has a wisecrack for every situation, though sometimes this is his way of covering disappointment. He fell in love with surfing when he moved to Australia from Brazil at the age of ten and on competition day can often be seen kicking back, strumming his ukulele and cracking jokes. Out in the water he’s a showman, talented and flashy. But under the surface there’s a strong competitive streak and when things don’t go his way he tends to blame anyone and anything but himself.


    Empathetic, generous, a little bit spiritual, Bodhi is the calming centre of her often loud and boisterous group of friends. She’s thoughtful, an introvert, with a goofy sense of humour that sneaks up on you. And from day one, she’s always been a water baby, drawn to the ocean. Whenever she’s feeling low, she gets on her board or puts on goggles and flippers and explores the world under the surface.


    Surviving Summer follows a group of five young surfers navigating the crucial and challenging steps of building a career as a professional surfer: making measured and mature decisions about the likes of commercial sponsorship, managing a public profile, contesting high-intensity competitions, and recovering from serious injury; all while trying to juggling the challenges of growing up and being a teenager.



Joanna Werner
Josh Mapleston

Executive Producers:
Joanna Werner
Stuart Menzies

Ben Chessell
Sian Davies
Charlotte George

Josh Mapleston, Keir Wilkins, Kirsty Fisher,
Magda Wozniak and Gemma Crofts

A production by:
Werner Film Productions

A Werner Film Production in association with
Netflix and ZDF Studios GmbH
and Film Victoria





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