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David (Jiří Macháček) works at the Institute of Paranormal Phenomena and is a skeptic. His job is to investigate paranormal phenomena, but he doesn’t believe in such nonsense. It’s the 80s and there are a lot of annoying people out there calling each other „comrade“. David prefers to sit in the comfort of his office, pretending to be researching satanic references in western music and enjoying listening to LPs that no one else in the country has.

If a UFO abducts a respectable fellow citizen, a puppet kills a ventriloquist, a goat monster attacks a tramp settlement or a saint spontaneously self-ignites, David is convinced that there is nothing behind it all but ordinary human deception.

David is right most of the time. There is only one mystery he cannot solve: what happened in his own family. 15 years ago, his wife drowned under mysterious circumstances. Or she was abducted. Or she ran away from her marriage to the capitalist West. No one has a clue, least of all David.

The only thing David knows for sure: his wife left him a daughter, Eva (Darija Pavlovičová), who can levitate. David is convinced that the levitation has something to do with his wife’s disappearance, but he doesn’t know what exactly. For years, he has been trying to find out what happened, but his search leads nowhere. Meanwhile, Eva has become a cheeky teenager who begins to have her own questions about the „truths“ that David fed her.

David tries to hide his family history and his daughter’s levitation from his colleagues at the Institute, especially from his new colleague Vojta (Jan Cina). He’s an expert in mouse brain research and an enthusiastic researcher of all things paranormal, convinced that science has not yet reached the limits of knowledge. And that he will be the one to push them.

Sure, it’s disappointing that all the cases he and David investigate have had perfectly straightforward, non-paranormal explanations so far. But one day he will undoubtedly succeed in proving something paranormal. But before that happens, he might even fall in love.

David is worried that he has fallen in love with his daughter, but it’s even worse: he has fallen in love with Snížková, an StB agent and David’s main adversary.




Produced by
Barletta Productions, Network Movie, Czech TV

Jiří Macháček, Jan Cina, Anna Fialová, Leoš Noha

Year of Production

Original Language

Czech TV, ZDF

Miro Šifra

Matěj Chlupáček, Michal Samir


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