Zoom – The White Dolphin

Yann, an intrepid 15-year-old and his 7-year-old sister, Marina, live with their Uncle Patrick on the paradise island of Maotou.
With Zoom, a white dolphin of exceptional intelligence and other friends from the island, they go on amazing adventures.

in total 104 x 12’

GCI Animation with 2D render (cell shading)


Target Audience:
from 4 to 10-year-olds

Adventure, Comedy, Friendship, Discovery/Exploration, Traditions/Legends, Nature/Ecology.


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  • Yann

    Yann is an intrepid 15 year-old and experienced scuba diver who is terribly awkward around girls. In particular around Timeti, on whom he has a crush. Yann is the main character in the series. He’s a boy who, although reserved, loves action.

    He’s inventive, resourceful, courageous and sometimes a little obstinate. He’s stubborn as a mule but has a heart of gold. Yann adores his little sister, Marina, for whom he feels responsible, and he has a great deal of admiration for Uncle Patrick.

    SEASON 2

    In view of Timeti’s new responsibilities, Yann’s weakness towards Timeti is accompanied by an admiration for his skills as a shaman.

    The mixture of temerity and naivety remains the mark of the character.
    He occupies aspotlight in the outings aboard „The Turtle“.

  • Zoom

    Perfectly white, with blue-ringed eyes. He is unique.
    He is an intelligent, playful and free animal – closer to humans than to his fellows.
    His family is Yann, Marina and Patrick. He adopted them rather than the other way around. Brave and instinctive, Zoom faces every danger for Yann and his friends.


    To call Zoom, Yann beats the „Zoom Signal“ – a recognizable rhythm that spreads out through the water- on the dock or on the hull of a boat.
    This rhythm is incorporated into the series credits and its score.

  • Marina

    Marina is a bright, bubbly, very girly 7 year-old. She talks non-stop which proves tiresome to Yann and Uncle Patrick. She is often disobedient, but she’s so adorable that she is always forgiven. Armed with a sharp sense of curiosity and an adventurer’s spirit, she loves all kinds of animals, especially Raoul, her pet koala, She calls him, „my baby,“ takes him everywhere with her, and generally treats him like a doll.

    Marina is bursting with energy and has an infectious gaiety. On the other hand, she needs a lot of affection and attention.

  • Raoul

    Raoul is a young koala bear and Marina’s pet. She calls him all sorts of nicknames: „My baby! Fat pudding!“.
    Raoul makes himself understood by uttering little sounds: yips of joy, snarls for John-Sebastian, who squabbles with him non-stop, squeals of fright when it’s time for his bath, whimpering when he’s done something really silly and Marina scolds him.

    SEASON 2

    Raoul is very possessive and jealous of Marina’s new friend, little Kaï.

  • Timeti

    Timeti is pretty Polynesian of 14. The prettiest girl on the island.
    She lives with her mother, Maeva, who runs a store/restaurant in the village.

    This young, athletic, sparkling and mischievous girl is Yann’s best friend. She’s got a soft spot for him, but she’s also close to Auru, the son of the chief. She knows all the traditional dances, plays the ukulele and is proudly protective of her traditions.

    She is an excellent surfer and kite-surfer and likes to meet up with her friends Yann and Auru during competitions or to embark on adventures.

    SEASON 2

    Timeti, very attached to her origins, decides to learn shamanism with Ramana.

  • John-Sebastian

    John-Sebastian is a talking mynah bird. He can imitate any sound.
    However, although he speaks, his language is still very limited. He’s a birdbrain, who misunderstands everything. He often raises the alarm to Uncle Patrick when the kids are in trouble.

    John-Sebastian is secretly jealous of the affection Marina heaps on her koala Raoul. There’s a constant stream of taunting and squabbling between them. John-Sebastian finds comfort on Uncle Patrick’s shoulder and he’d willingly lose his last feather for him.

  • Van Krook

    Van Krook is 50. He’s rich and elegant… but beneath the facade lies a hypocritical, greedy, amoral and cowardly creature, only interested in his personal enrichment.

    Van Krook claims that his ancestors discovered the island of Maotu and, because of that, it belongs to him. He lives aboard a huge yacht, equipped with a pocket submarine.

    Van Krook sometimes works on commission for outsiders. He is assisted by two henchmen: Biff and Rico.

    SEASON 2

    Van Krook has his niece, Clarissa, who comes from the city, staying aboard his yacht. He’s going to have real trouble getting this young lady to do as he says.

  • Uncle Patrick

    Uncle Patrick is a 55 year-old seadog, a bit gruff, but with rather free-spirited hippie tendencies.

    He’s a reputed oceanographer, settled on the island of Maotu in order to carry out his research on the underwater world and the preservation of species in peace. Until the day when his nephew and niece, Yann and Marina, turned up on the island to move in with him.

    Since then, he regard them as his own children. Uncle Patrick represents parental authority, but he also knows that he can rely upon Yann under any circumstances and is soft on Marina, totally unable to deny her anything.

    SEASON 2

    Patrick fine-tuned some of his inventions as well as perfected his boat, the Taaora. He invented „The Turtle“, a submarine that can carry the little family on board to explore the seabed.

  • Auru

    Auru is a 15-year-old Polynesian.
    He’s the son of Papa-Tuanaku, the village chief.
    As future heir, Auru sometimes thinks he’s already chief and he „acts like it“.

    He’s a boaster, a show-off who likes to joke and show off his muscles, but who can also prove to be a bit of a coward, especially when faced with unexplained phenomena.
    Also in love with Timeti, he likes to taunt Yann by laying down challenges. But confrontation between the two young roosters conceals a very real spirit of mutual support and camaraderie. Yann and Auru are friends and respect each other, but they find it hard to admit it.

    SEASON 2

    In this season 2, Auru falls in love with Clarissa. Suddenly he is no longer in competition with Yann to conquer Timeti’s heart, which does not prevent him from competing for everything else.
    Auru, who is quite superstitious, is impressed with Timeti’s new status and skills as a shaman.


Stéphane Bernasconi

Literary Bible:
Stéphane Bernasconi and Natalie Altmann

Graphic Bible:
Christophe Lourdelet

Story editor:
Hervé Nadler

Music composed by:
Matthieu Gonet

Media Valley (Natalie Altmann) and
Marzipan Films (Stéphane Bernasconi)

Based on the characters created by Vladimir Tartakovsky and
illustrated by Marc Bonnet


TF1 and Gaumont Animation

With the participation of:
ZDF / ZDF Studios, Tiji,
Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée,

With the support of:
the Charente Department,
the Poitou Charente Region,
in partnership with the CNC

© Media Valley/Marzipan Films/TF1/Gaumont Animation – 2015


With the participation of:
TF1, ZDF / ZDF Studios, Tiji,
Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée

With the support of:
the Charente Department,
Region Nouvelle Aquitaine,
Crédit d’impôt for production service – Gestion SODEC,
in partnership with the CNC

© Media Valley/Marzipan Films – 2020


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